Potential CFL Casualties (2018)

In no particular order:

  1. Drew Willy released

  2. Jeff Reinbold released as BC special teams coordinator

  3. Richie Hall cut as Winnipeg's DC (3 or 4 game losing streak will probably key it)

  4. Adarious Bowman given walking papers in Wpg. (bombers notoriously sluggish in cutting under-performing vets so this won't come as quickly as it should)

  5. Rick Campbell - could his job be on the line? Just sayin'

  6. Rod Black - The End is Near . . .

Only one of above I can 88% guarantee is Boxcar Willy. Itinerant Jeff Reinbold is about 33% to get sacked, Hall a bit higher at 49%, Bowman at 55%, Rick Campbell only about 12%, Black about 11%

Kavis Reed always a wild card - but whether the Wettenhalls want to waste big coin paying out an itinerant GM, so be it. If Reed is dispatched same fate for Drowsy Joe Mack.

Edmonton needs some coaching staff changes

Won't be Maas but certainly could be a defensive coordinator.

Reilly totally misses his go-to WR from last year - the kid who headed south to the NFL - - - - Edmonton gets him back - they're gonna be near equals to Calgary for western supremacy!

Barring injury both Stamps & Esks are 12 or 13 win teams!

Winnipeg & Regina will be 8 to 10 win teams!

Edmonton is in great shape. Players and coaches will easily come to the plate in last half of year.
Box car Willy is still needed big big time. IS IT Ottawa or Regina, as Montreal decide to air lift QB's in.

Maas if ever let go will get a job very quickly as an offence coordinator .

I think the o coordinator's job in Ottawa and not so much HC Campbell is in doubt .

They will move on from Willy but it might be at the end of the season after they try out as many as they can in that position to see if a leader emerges .

BC's swan song for Wally will be a team effort with big changes at seasons end and a new coach and crew in place . Don't see them doing anything big and let this season be the finality to Wally's world in BC .

It would be a good time to bring in fresh QB's and see if there is someone who can be a future QB . It would be Wally's Legacy if they can find one and he can nurture
him quickly enough to make a difference . Just not sure on Jennings future right now .

Yup at the end of the year you might see Coach Ricky Ray!

Frankly, despite expected strong denials - I believe most CFL teams are still in pre-season or Game 1 exhibition mode.

Calgary came out of the chute fast - but now have to hope Nick "Fatty" Arbuckle can extend their unbeaten streak.

Winnipeg is having problems sustaining a proper defense. Don't expect more consistency until the season turns for the 2nd half.

BC is really pooping the barn - might be unsalvageable for 2018. Win over the Peg puts them back into the hunt Saturday nite.

Chris Jones & Sasky really doing pre-season experiments - in the first 3rd of season with Chinese fire drill at QB and their best WR playing defensive corner.

Ottawa = frankly looked like crap last nite

Hamilton - looked real tough based mostly on Masoli's success but Cats somehow got tamed last week in Regina

Montreal - a mess

Toronto - should stabilize as Frankly asserts control & authority over a creative and productive Trestman offense.

Edmonton - still work to do even though Reilly is the league's best - and most durable player.

Winnipeg - defensive problems identified. Resolution doesn't appear in offing. Weak tactical head coaching plus obvious anchor in Richie Hall.