Potential Als Running Back

Great story. Would love to see him make it.

[url=http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/22/us/montreal-alouettes-one-armed-football-player/]http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/22/us/montre ... ll-player/[/url]

If he can really catch the football well and can tackle who knows... Best of luck to him, very inspiring.

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Great story and his position coach, Speckman, certainly has a perspective on his experience.

But the stories identify him as a fullback and import fullbacks are not common.

Bon chance to him.

Nice soft spoken young man

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-bEbQHMeSY&feature=youtube_gdata]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-bEbQH ... tube_gdata[/url]
Why Harmon? Well, when was the last time football fans viewed a running back sprinting and catching – with one arm.

Surprise, surprise.

Many players approached the Regional Combine attempting to – get through the workouts. The athletes ran hard, but worried about tripping over the step-over dummies, dropping the ball, getting around the cones without knocking them over, etc. Meaning, players were more mentally concerned with avoiding mistakes, instead of executing the drills as if was gameday.

Harmon executed his drills like it was a gameday. He was consistent with his speed, ran around the cones low with the ball high across his chest, along his collarbone and caught all his passes. Yes, caught all his passes.

Phil Blackwell, NFL National Field Director – Regional Director for Baltimore, was one of the instructors who was throwing the ball for passing drills. Blackwell has a cannon for a throwing arm as he consistently rifled balls all weekend. Blackwell, purposely, fired passes with game like situations to truly judge the skill level of the players’ hands. Many players dropped and bobbled passes.

Blackwell was not sensitive towards Harmon’s physical limitations. Blackwell approached Harmon as a football player and treated him as such.

Harmon’s left arm is non-existent from his elbow down. He would angle his left arm to help snatch balls out of the air. Not once did Harmon bobbled and dropped a pass from Blackwell who was drilling balls all weekend long.

Might make for a very good situational player, who can backup at LB , play teams. Seems like he has great pass catching ability.

Maybe use him as a tight end?

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But no mention of Harmon.

Appears to be greatFootball player. Tough for an import FB to make it inthe CFl with a good abundance of standad type FBs.
I did not see his height anywhere but being a import receivng and blocking TE depending on his size.
FBs make the switch to LBs in a lotof casesso he could be a full utility guy which could make him a valuable player for a DI spot playing positions on offense defense and teams.
If he does not fit into the CFL like many import FBs are barely even looked at, the Arena Football League does use a FB in the starting line up but does not use a tailback at all.If he can double as a FB as well the Arena league may be a better fit Starting at FB being a backp LB and play teams

Like all of you, I'm all for an underdog, but, the reality is poor for a one armed man making it into the CFL.

Of course if he was Canadian he would have a really good shot as a FB or Teams guy. Just not enough import spots on the roster for a guy with his skills.
Thats why I mentioned the Arena League. They Use a FB, he would be able to be on kickoff team and teams need players who can go both ways with the small roster there really is not any back ups so if your down a LB usually a receiver would needto step in or a good athletic FB.