Posts Appearing Out of Sequence

I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem. A couple of times lately, I would post a response
to a topic on this site, only to see it appear 5 or 6 posts back. After locating it myself, I realize that
there is a good chance it won't even be viewed by the other posters since it is far far behind the current

Perhaps the problem lies with me or my computer, but everything else is working perfectly, so I find that doubtful.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Same here

I complained about this earlier but I believe my post was removed so I guess I hit a tender spot somehow..

I'm experiencing strange things also. Sometimes I have to re-log in when posting. :?

Sounds to me, by the responses thus far, that the problem lies at the site source.

Thanks everyone.

My second response here should have shown up as response #6.

I have had problems.

Posting, I mean.

I'm lucky if I'm able to get one post in per day.

Some might say that's a good thing however :wink: :lol:

this problem, and many more, are happening on all the forums, apparently regardless of how you access them.

.......shhhhhhh, I'm not a techie, but the problem is in the website time clock......check it out....

(invoice to MRX) :wink: :lol:

It would help a lot if a moderator or someone in the know would respond to this problem, but
there appears to be no takers.

According to the moderator Chief, the developers have been made aware of the problem some time ago.

Apparently they haven't been made aware of a solution, though :roll: :wink:

(Edit: and of course, my post would appear out of sequence....)

Should be turned around soon. Much like the onfield product. Another 5 year plan ?