Postmortem - Aug. 5 2005 win vs. Roughriders

So, thoughts?

First off, thanks, Don Matthews, for trading Kwame Cavil for a backup d-lineman who wasn't involved on a single important play tonight, just so that Ben Cahoon can get injured and be out for two to four weeks. Is it wrong to want Thyron Anderson to be cut by the Saints? :wink:

As for the game itself:

• Finally, some finish in the red zone. Great catches from Watkins, Cahoon and Vaughn.

• The linebackers and DBs were ball hawks tonight. That's more like the old Als defence. Gotta love Curry marking his return to the lineup with a beautiful INT in the end zone. Why the hell has he been on the bench??

• Ye gods, a 100-yard game for an Als running back? Who knew giving a RB 12-15 touches during a game would pay dividends? :roll:

• Fritz and Flory had great games tonight. They sprung Edwards for most of his big runs.

• Not one sack, which means after 6 games we're still last in the league at 9. That's pathetic. Duane Butler, in his Als debut a few years ago, had 5!

• Solid special-teams coverage. No touchdowns, no big returns allowed.

Overall, a satisfying and decisive win, but they'll need to play even better against T.O. next week.

... and Calvillo and Vaughn should sit together and find out why they can't connect. Vaughn could be a top weapon, but he and Calvillo are not in sync.

This will becaome an issue as Cahoon has to sit out for some weeks.

Good point. I wonder why this is happening. During that game in Ottawa, Vaughn and Calvillo looked like they'd been playing together for years. He went over 100 yards that game if I recall correctly.

Yet yesterday Vaughn had his head down on a few plays when the ball was thrown to him. He did score the touchdown in the second half, so there's hope. Both players are too good not to eventually get on the same page.

Stop worrying....

I'm sure we'll be fine for Cahoon's replacement:

Watkins (getting better every game)
Girard (will comeback soon from injury),
Gilligan (give him playtime, it will pay off
WIlson (heck, guy hasn't played since last year, again, give him basic routes & playtime.)

Otherwise, we will go with rushing eben if it's not in the Al's gameplan.

Heck even Landry had some rushing yards yesterday :wink:

I'm not worried, but not having Ben in the line-up is still gonna hrt a little bit.

thank you guys for beating them

With Cahoon gone for maybe one third of the season, it would be a very good moment to become a little less of a passing team, and a little more of a rushing one. Robert Edwards showed quite amazing aptitudes so far. I wouldn't be worried to give him 20-25 touches a game.

Beside, him, Lewis and Lapointe all have good hands, so using the RB as a passing weapon is also a good option.

ThirdAndTen, I'm totally with you. Edwards, I think, is the best running back we've had since Lawrence Phillips. Big, strong, agile, hits the hole very quickly, great acceleration, good cutback ability. No offense to Lapointe but Edwards is the guy I want starting in our backfield. Give him the ball 20 times per game and I guarantee you our receivers will start to find more room as opposing linebackers cheat at the line of scrimmage in their haste to stop the run.

LApointe is not a good cutback guy but he still delivers yards. Give him a hole and he''' steadily give you 10+ yards.

edwards had a great game. let's see if he was in "the zone" for this game only of if he keeps his good work.