Postmortem Als vs. Bombers 06-16-05

Oddly enough, though I was screaming at my TV for the first half and all of the third quarter, I feel optimistic about our Als this year. Why? Because our offence was lackluster and our defence, after that disheartening opening drive from Winnipeg, shut the door with authority. And the offence will come around eventually. Keep in mind that it always takes Calvillo a little time to get into his groove and that he was missing two good receivers in Dave Stala and Sylvain Girard.

I give full marks to the D tonight. They looked terrible on that first drive but otherwise they blitzed like the Als of old, putting the fear of God into Glenn on most plays. And this despite missing Sanchez, Truluck, Ellis, and Taylor. I am feeling quietly vindicated about predicting that Chip Cox would make an impact this year. Strickland looked great and so did Mackey. They are well on the way to regaining the Alouettes swagger.

I give credit to the Bombers, particularly their defence, which was tough and stingy for most of the game. There is still a big ol' question mark hanging over Glenn, though.

What do y'all think?

Wild finish certainly. That first drive was horrid, Botterill was in at MLB and good old TSN didn't bother to let us know why....Mackey replaced him next series and for the rest of the game. Gazette is reporting Mackey pulled up lame in the warmup and that's why he sat the first series. But the TSN guys never let us know why Botterill was starting.

Otherwise, great to see the pressure defence back!

I have to say that TSN is really starting to bother me. My dad and I both heard about Mackey's injury on the radio before the game started, but TSN never said a word. They even had Mackey listed at MLB at the start of the game. They MISSED A PLAY because they were showing some stupid graphic as the ball was being snapped. They constantly cut away from the ref announcing important penalties to blather about other things. And they rarely showed the down and yardage on the TV until about 0.5 seconds before the snap. Arg.

Anyhow, can I just ask why Botterill still has his job? How long has he been with us now? He is not a reliable backup. He can tackle hard and that's about it. He seems to have no football sense and no ability to be where the action is.

I must agree about the announcers blabbing away while penalties are called. I emailed them once to complain about it!
No response was sent!

I agree with you guys.

As for Botterill, he stays because he a good run-down tackler on special teams. If the Als can afford to use a roster spot for that, it's up to them. But they should never let him play linebacker.

Montreal sucks i wonder how much they paid the refs

Congrats on the win......I really cant say too much scored 44 points 284 net yards....something just doesnt add up.......

stop making excuses cause your team is stupid u would of lost anyway

c'mon, Bomber fans, don't say **** about the Al's on THEIR forum, were better than that. SC, shame on you (slaps his wrist), PE show a little more class.

Congrats on the win Montreal, see ya in the playoffs.

Nice win. Did the ref's come from Montreal too? Does not matter we know that Montreal always chokes in the playoffs anyway.
We should have sent the house at Calvillo and speared him with a helmet like Butler did too Quinn. Send the tapes Bombers like Montreal did after their last game. If he receives nothing than it should be open season next time on Calvillo.

why dont you worry on winning the next game?

We know that the refs flew to Wpg on the same plane as the Als did. Would that tell you something? Plenty of time for rehersal prior to game time? Suspicious, yes. Naive we are not.

but whiners and sore losers you are!

refs made a few bad calls that helped Als, I must admit. But anyways, Als wouls have won it anyways. look at the score.

Had the ref travelled in the same plane as the Tiger-Cats, he would have ended in Calgary. Quite a few miles west of CanadInn Stadium...

Some BB fans can be so pathetic. Worry about making the playoffs because as usual the road to the grey cup in the east will be against montreal. :roll: