Postive Vibes on this board

I really admire the people who are keeping a good attitude on this board today, I'm not sure how you are doing it after last nite's performance. I'm a die hard cat's fan and have been my whole life but i'm at the end of my rope.

We are the worst team in the league, and unless Toronto and the Peg loose as many games us we have no chance.

We will be in the basement again this year

But I'm trying to keep the faith!

I subscribe to the "Billion Year Theory, jayt.

None of this will matter in a billion years.

ya but that's along billion years!

keep the faith, boys.... defence played a good second half (except for the prevent defense, which has always prevented nothing but victory)...and maas will come along...we do need another offensive tackle, a healthy holmes and a scheme that lets vaughan and holmes get a lot of's a good league, and a few signings aren't going to turn a bad team into a great one overnight...

Life can be a real kick in the head jayt. For some of us football is the least of our worries :wink: I love to win and I, along with most everyone else here, want to win every week. The fact that we aren't winning is not easy to take, but I'm thankful to have a team to watch that takes my mind off all the other crap for 3 hours a week. I'm as frustrated as anyone (believe me!) but I choose NOT to kick these guys when they're down. Personal biases aside, there isn't one guy on this team who isn't playing his heart out right now and maybe that's not good enough, the talent isn't there in some cases, but I'll never slam someone for giving their all and failing.

I am not! I refuse to DIE.


interesting comment..."i choose not to kick these guys when they are down"......boreham has had a similar approach in the last two games.......not to kick when the team is down!!

You have an interesting habit of trolling each and every thread looking to pick a fight with borehamgirl.

Why is that, exactly?

Because he's a low-life and has nothing else to do, and because Boreham probably stole his parking spot at the grocery store one day.

I love my cats but right now i'd love a win more.

I agree with borehamgirl's sentiments. Of course I want them to win, and of course I am upset when they lose. But I'm glad they're there regardless.

I love my Cats even more than I'd love them to win.