Postings by CFL players and Coaches

I was wondering if Players and Coaches ever read the Forums ? If so would be nice to identify yourself . and any comments you may have since the Fans have so many.

i guess this would be a good time for me to Fess up.

I'm actually Charlie Taaffe. :o

You're pretty brave for admitting that. :stuck_out_tongue:

...oh they read them alright.....will any of them admit ,that they 're in a position of authority in this league , or a player posting on this site....doubt it... :wink: :smiley:

Would any of us believe them?

some lions have posted on lionbackers.

I dont think I would if I was a player.

at least I wouldnt admit who I was.

Only two examples I can recall is that when Kamau Peterson left Hamilton for Edmonton, he posted a very nice message on the Ticats' board.

I am led to believe that Eric Tillman pays attention to what's said in here, but I don't know that he's ever posted.

I know he isn't a player or coach but I hope that Rod Black at least hears some of the stuff we write about him from time to time. Maybe then he will get the point and go back to Figure skating where he belongs. I know that that is mean and rude to say, but i really don't like him as an announcer. I'm sure he might be a nice guy, and I don't want to insult him, but football announcing just isn't his calling. Sorry Rod.

I know that Chris Cuthbert reads the forum..He has refered to "Posts on CFL.CA" a couple of times

Kamau posts quite often on the site. Sean Fleming also posted quite often when he played.

I think that DJ Flick has posted too, hasn't he?

There was someone else from the Riders who has posted a couple of times, but I can't remember who. I seem to recall that it was someone that they cut, like Stancil.

I would expect that there is an unwritten rule that people employed by/for the CFL do not post in the forums. Somehow it wouldn't be very professional.

Rod Pedersen keeps his own blog, and has his fights there with everyone ranging from BC Lions fans to Swift Current Broncos broadcasters. It's his own forum, so he can control it (somewhat) but I don't think he'd dream of coming over here to post. Nor would any of the other broadcasters, players, or management types.

I'm sure that many of them have accounts, but have never posted.

yea didnt Airabin justin post on the riders part of the forum when he was released too?

Sean had a couple of posts recently IIRC. I'm certain i've seen posts by Singor Mobley over on Esksfans as well.