Posting problems

This post is for the staff that look after the actual forum ( not mods )

2 issues that are killing it for me at least

1 - I use Firefox browser and your forum is not Firefox friendly. The CFL logo in he top left corner blocks key forum links - can you move it?
2 - posting issue - I posted on a 6 page thread and it inserts my post at the end of page 1 - thus one can not participate in any on going discussions. What's up with the forum settings?

why start a duplicate thread??

isnt two threads on this already enough???

Maybe the only way to get their attention is to flood the board with 100 threads.....

This is stupid/ridiculous/embarrassing to the League as a whole!

The guys at MRX are as useless as D-cups on a nun

I am complained to the cfl general feedback and will be complaining to them by phone next week. enough is enough

...this abuse of the english language is quite unacceptable...

I also use Firefox, but do not have the issue you are having... for me the logo appears fine and no links are covered up.

this sites abuse of cfl fans is quite unacceptable.

fix the site, don’t make excuses up, don’t say you will later… just do it.

this site pissed me off and I want retribution!

Okay the cat was funny, but quickly getting old just in this thread. Why 6 times in one post???, $16.93

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...hey, blame FYB, I'm a trained monkey-comic, he's an amateur...

Ditto. I also use Firefox. There are no issues with the site for me.


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I use firefox, and have to bookmark the forum to reach it. The CFL logo blocks the link to CFL Talk, and sometimes even the drop down menu used to get to Forums is unreachable.

In short, same probs as FYB

ok got that fixed - just installed add blocker and it can be removed completly in firefox. Now in forums when I click on CFL talk it takes you back to the main page - to get into the forums I have to click my user name and search posts and then access the forums that way??? Bizarre to say the lest

thats because ad blocker removes the visible cfl logo, but the coordinates of the linked image remain. Firefox thinks you are still clicking the CFL logo, even though it is invisible

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