Posting problems -- it's happening again

Remember last year around the Grey Cup, when the time stamps on our posts were all wrong, making it difficult to post, putting posts in the wrong order, and showing posts as unread that have already been read? It's been happening to me all day. Anybody else?

I seem to be posting O.K., but I have noticed when I go to the Ti-Cat forum it says a given poster and then when inside their forum there are other posts that have been made to other threads on occasion. I hope it doesn't go really off kilter.

I noticed that in one topic. I believe FYB quoted someone, but his post showed up after. Hopefully it doesn't get worse.

i find that I have a bitch of a time trying to log in. It usually takes me 3 or 4 or 5 tries, and is getting worse. The last 2 times I had to go to IE, I couldn't log in from FF.

Problems like last year are happening again. This time tried to post in the Eskies forum and message comes up saying you cannot post so soon after your last. :x So, saved the post (drafts) in control panel option and sent it from there. Strange.

what kind of half assed work is it when you supposedly fix a problem only to have it reoccur again.

If it happened last time around the same time of yr, maybe that a key in finally resolving it.

Could it be a delayed effect of DST change?

Whatever it is, it will be really bad if they supposedly fix it again, only to have it reoccur same bat time, same bat station, next year.

Maybe the "half assed" work has nothing to do with the actual maintenance of the site and everything to do with buggy software that is beyond their control.

Last year it happened in mid-November, just before the Grey Cup.

I agree with rpaege. It's really hard to tell who to blame for this. It could be MRX. But they're using forum software that's written by someone else (at least I think so. There are lots of forums that have a similar format). Something could have changed there too. I've seen things like this happen before.

If it is the software, time to replace it. Forum software isn’t expensive, hell, you can get free software! Its nothing fancy but it works just fine.

Yep it's happening again
On one (very recent) topic in the Alouettes Forum
A reply got posted ahead of the main subject
Which tends to get a little confusing

other sites use the same software without this issue.

just wondering, when do we change our clocks in the fall?

November 6 at 2:00 A.M. I just hope this site/forum doesn't go bonkers.

I wonder if this has anything to do with posting problems for phbBB software used on our forums: Links below

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lionbacker and 13thman uses phpbb and no such problems have ever occurred.

At 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday in November. In 2010, the first Sunday was November 7.

That's fine and dandy that there's no problems there, but our forum has somesort of "BUG" otherwise this thread wouldn't have been started in the first place. :expressionless:

i had a weird issue earlier, everytime I would post it would say “No posting so close to your last post” or something along those lines.
it didnt go away till i cleared my cookies

yes, I am just challenging the suggestion that it is because of phpbb. I strongly believe this to be a site related problem and up to mrx to find the fix.

I guess perhaps it's time they should try a different software FootbalYouBet.
I hope it gets fixed/sorted out as our posts are going to be "TIME GOOFY (can't post so soon after last) OUT OF WHACK" on game day threads.
MarcWagz: That's one way of doing it delete cookies and another option I pointed out earlier is save your post to drafts, then go to your saved drafts and send from there.