posting on other teams sites

gotta love hitchcock ur on the argos site posting about the cats

i think its great we nall need to do this more seeing how they are always in here posting on our site :rockin:

I post on lots of other cfl sites. I've met a lot of great people that way. It's fun. In fact I've been insulted less on there than I have on here, go

C'mon over.

We're a friendly bunch of winners.

but you guys on the argo forums really dont have any thing interesting going on in there its boreing

Been pretty fun since about oh…3pm on Saturday…

What happened at 3pm Saturday???

Oh is that when the golf cart with the odd helmet came on the field???

I guess that would have been fun for you guys. :roll:

Beats the Hamilton TD car...Seen the pics in the other thread?

The person responsible for that silly car pic WILL suffer immensely I promise you that lol. It was boring because I wasn't there anymore. You're not all going to leave me to fend for myself against all those mean blue team fans are you?? lol Espo I think you should join up.

Need I say more?

Mean? I'm a harmless little fuzz-ball :frowning:

sounds good BG, i'll do it tomorrow, i'd better see you there.

Good man Es. I can't wait :smiley:

done and done....

can i play too?

i had better see some spiteful comments up on that site from you by the end of the day sigpig.



You mean, a friendly buch of wieners:smiley:

At the tailgate i mean :lol:

much better sig

Alot of fighting words on these CFL boards.