posting on forums

Due to high traffic volumes, posting on forums has temporarily been disabled.

I don't see how posting text can use so much bandwidth that things need to be disabled.

Just my opinion..

Why can this forum not handle the high traffic volume?

I've never seen this before. Whats the real reason

we've been cut off; and during Grey Cup week too?

This must be a joke

Why has the forum changed without notice? In both IE and Firefox, clicking on the "Fanzone - Forums" dropdown from the main page either opens a new tab with a generic CFL scheme (never mind that it's blue and white). I thought it was a TIGER-CATS website?

Conspiracy theory..Site has been hijacked so that no news can leak out during Grey Cup weekend..people will just become discouraged trying to log in and give up..Check out the names of the moderators, who are these people? Scary stuff Children!

Don't worry I'm sure if you look closely it's somewhere in Bob's 5 year plan

I heard Lancaster, DesJardins and Marshall got together one night, and...

The NFL already has a foot in the Canadian door, via Toronto.

Keep up the good work! (sarcasm) I say this because if the CFL doesn't come clean with the fans, it wouldn't take much for fans to look elsewhere.

Changing the site format due to high traffic volume is pure Bull!
Not televising player and non-player awards is also pure Bull! For years we able to WATCH the Schenley Awards on TV.

Mr. Cohon: Do you want to promote CFL football or not? Please make the necessary changes.

For years we were frequently unable to see our teams play on television, until finally the league got the message that the CFL would sell better by telecasting all games.

Likewise, any major event associated with the CFL, should be brought to the fans who happen to be the main element that keeps the league afloat.