Posting Images

In order to keep this a family friendly environment - we have disabled posting of graphics in posts until we can be sure that no more questionable content is able to be posted here.

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


Just make it so there is a moderator of them first.

I think that's a good idea; some may be annoyed they can't use their personal graphic, but anyone who was around early this morning when we got inundated with porn, will realize that this is a small price to pay.

I agree. Porn has its place and its definitely not here. Wish people would grow up. There are children who frequent this site.

I don't even know how people post images... I've tried to figure it out... Anyways I hope they can resolve this issue... If anyone could please respond to this and let me know how for further use thanks... I've got a great picture I would like to use of me and the Commissioner Mark Cohon prior to a game...

How to embed an image into your post;
There are two ways of doing this.
1)If the image already exists on the internet and is not behind a password protected page or other authentication mechanisms, then use the "Img" button at the top of the message editing box. This will create the code [img.][/img.]
Now type the web address in between the two tags like this:
[img.]http://www. mysite/images/example.gif[/img.] - minus the periods after the img codes

2)It is best to not post large images directly into the forum.
If possible upload the picture elsewhere on the internet ( type the web address of the image into your message.
Ensure that you include the "http://" part of the address and the forum software will automatically convert it to a link. For example: http://www. mysite/images/example.gif

Hope this helps NOF

Actually the [img.] tags won't work, we've disabled them. Your only option is to link to an external site - I'd recommend


I, as well as the original poster know this Jett, this was a question for future reference

I thought I noticed something different. Anyways..

This is one of a few awesome uniforms.

[url=] ... 084948.jpg[/url]

Why anyone would depart from them is beyond me.

So fail not being allowed to post any pictures at all. Seriously. Punishing all because a few are stupid enough to post NWS stuff here is retarded. All this will do is limit the quality and variety of posts. I don’t know of any forum I’ve ever seen with no pictures allowed and I have posted on many forums. Family friendly and Mr Hands friendly.


Um, OK, first off, we're not talking about a couple idiots. We're talking about spam bots posting pornographic images on a family-oriented forum. Why not try pulling your head out of you behind before you post, hmm?

Second, how many images were posted before? I seriously doubt the quality of discussion is going to drop simply because we can't post images anymore. Again, try pulling your head out of your behind before you post.