Posting again in this DEAD zone

Big game for the Double Blue to try and get on track. If we lose tonight we could end up looking at 4-7 in a few more weeks. I really have no expectations and I'm most likely just practicing my one finger typing skills by the look of this DEAD ZONE!

... crickets ...

The Argo dead zone!! Three plays lost the game for TO. Fantuz runs up and trips over Jefferson and we get at penalty. Ricky Ray drops back passes and without a ball anywhere in sight gets grabbed, pushed back, tackled and landed on. HOW IN THE CRAP IS THAT NOT A PENALTY??? They review and the play stood. WTH? Spencer catches a ball six inches off the turf and the refs missed it. Dough Brain doesn't challenge even though he shouldn't have had to because of the bad officiating and the next play Ricky gets mailed while passing, pick six game done!

The officiating has been horrible, the challenge BS has to go. In the Calgary game there was a PI challenge on a Calgary db who barely toughed the receiver and they called PI. The receiver never would have gotten back to the ball. I've been a CFL fan since the late 60's and I'm getting turned off. I hate the direction the league is taking.

To the first point - At the very least that was accidental PI which is still a 10 yard penalty and would have got a first down at least. However, looking at that play, Jefferson had plenty of room to maneuver and avoid contact. This wasn't a play near the sidelines, nor did Jefferson contact him when the ball arrived, it was very much still in flight. I don't really see much of a grey area on this one. Fantuz had him beat and Jefferson tripped him up to save the play.

To the second - Ricky is in the middle of making a throw and the rusher committed to contact. He threw, and part of the reason why he was "Grabbed, pushed, tackled and landed on" is the rusher did not pop Ray which would have warranted a roughing the passer call. Instead, he grabbed him, realized the ball was away and attempted to lighten the force on Ray. Ray however did what a veteran QB should do an ensure he went down safety, both to try and draw a call and not get caught up in a freak injury by staying upright. I should also note, the tackle was textbook at the waist, where you are supposed to hit the QB. Not high in the arms, not at the knees and certainly not at the head. I don't think it was so late a hit that you call it, and clearly both the refs and CFL command agree. Now that all said, I have seen roughing the passer calls for less, and I have seen roughing the passer calls not called for far more so, I'll say it is narrowly debatable.

To the third - Yeah, there is no question on that one. That was a clear non-call by the refs. Like you said though. it should have been challenged, but Millanovich didn't, likely because he didn't have a good video review in time (home field advantage I suppose, but still odd since most sidelines keep a laptop of the TSN feed on the sidelines for just that reason). With how close the game was at the time, he probably felt it wasn't worth a risk as he may have needed that timeout.

This Argonaut area is as DEAD AS THE ARGOS!!!!!

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