posting a pic

Hi ,
I want to upload a pic in the forum but can`t for the life of me get it figured out. I feel like a computer novice. Could some nice TiCat fan clue the clueless in.
thanks TCMIK

the only way i know how is to use the url tag to a site such as "yahoo photos"


put the adress to the picture in between the img's in the brackets, if its a personelle picture ur best bet is to make a facebook account or som type of home page where u can post picures, and copy n past the adress

Thanks for the resonse guys.

I always go to "image shack" now for photo's really quick and you don't need to takes about 15 seconds to get a "url" from a photo or image off your hard drive....

"Flickr" is good for albums....

Good Luck and Happy Photography!