Poster boy for the CFL?

I am thinking ben cahoon. Good canadian boy. Same team long time. Good success.

Only problem is, I cant remember what he looks like. :oops:

Short....white....fairly thin. If he could speak Russian you'd mistake him for a Hab.

Cahoon looks like an escaped criminal.

Clermont looks a bit too cavemanish.

Javy is the ticket.

Cahoon looks like Glen Suitor's younger brother.

Cahoon's hot, Glatt's hot...I'll take one of each poster...thanks...

sorry jm you can only choose 1... Forum rules... unless you want to super size your order then you get Nate Davis :slight_smile:

No love for Clermont? You'd think he would score some points being a native saskabusher.

It's the forehead and the 80's guido suit isn't it? I'll get him to work on that.

I know Clermont's relatives...that's enough for me to not look at him with "that" eye...

And if I can choose only one, I choose Szarka. End of story. Unless I can't choose from my own team, which I believe was one of the stipulations of this thread (can't be sure after a couple drinks), then I choose Glatt. I think he'll do.

Lumsden would likely be my pick but because the CFL is more regional, it would make more sense to choose a player from each team to be "the face".

Joseph really presents well in public (articulate, intelligent, passionate) but he is getting older and I'm not sure you want someone his age being declared the face of the CFL.

My vote goes for Rob Murphy. Lineman of the year 2 years in a row. Gotta be the Murph.


I think I would go with Jesse Lumsden. He will be superstar in this league(if he isn't alraady), I would say he has the most potential to bring in new fans to the CFL.

Clermont is a good choice as well, but how about Ricky Ray... another excellent choice.

The "no personal attacks" didnt last long did it?