Poster boy for the CFL?

Think of this as "Flagship Franchise, Pt 2".

In the flagship franchise post, an excellent discussion is going on as to which franchise is the epitomy of the league. To decrease bias (esp among Rider fans), fans could not vote for their own team.

As an extension of that, I would like to ask:

Who do you think is the 'poster boy' for the CFL?

In other words, if they were to market the CFL around the world, what player would they use the most?

And again, you can not vote for a player on your own team.

Some ideas:

Geroy Simon
Jason Clermont
Jason Tucker
Ricky Ray
Fred Perry
Henry Burris
Dave Dickenson
Joffrey Reynolds
Ken-Yon Rambo
Wes Cates
Matt Dominguez
Charles Roberts
Kevin Glenn
Barrin Simpson
Kerry Joseph
Mike O'Shea :frowning:
Arland Bruce
Jesse Lumsden
Zeke Moreno
Anthony Calvillo
Ben Cahoon

or anyone else you would like to choose...

Remember, the above list are just ideas, so please no posts about who I left out and stuff... that was just off the top of my head...

So... who do you think???

If he stays healthy, Lumsden

Doug Flutie

I honestly don’t think there is such as thing as poster boy in football. There have been significant attempts to make some, but they always fall back as quickly as they move forward. Case in point Peyton Manning…he was hyped and had commercials…no you hardly hear of him because indy didn’t win again.

Lui Passaglia and Jamie Taras as ex players are great poster boys for the Lions.

So you would use old players? Are you sure that's a good idea?

If you can't market your current players, then what does that say for the league.

It's almost as if to say "None of our current players are good, but we had this guy once..."

its just that no one person stands out at present. There are no Doug Fluties, No Pinballs, No Less Brownes, etc.

IMO, Poster boy shouldnt be the newest kid star on the block, but an established star with great community relations as well. Somebody that says, He is CFL and we are damn proud of him, on and off the field.

Doug Flutie, Jason Clermont, Ben Cahoon... sounds like im just building an offence with this post.. lol

Poster Boy for the CFL? Easy. Jessie Lumsden.
Home grown talent who with a little bit of luck just may lead the league in rushing yards.
Or Jason Clermont. Home grown, prairie bred, and one tough hombre.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the talent the CFL has, import and non-import, but it's just nice to see when Canadians excel.

As much as Geroy's my favorite player and I'd like it to be him - I'd have to say Clermont.

He epitomizes all that we should embrace in the league...toughness, character, integrity. And, damn, is he good.

Since I can't pick a player from my own team (sorry, Jesse) I would go with Jason Clermont.

A lot of receivers in the league these past few years, when they feel they've been interfered with, will give up on the play and look for the flag. Clermont is one of the few who will continue to fight for the ball, no matter how many guys are hanging off of him. And no matter how hard he's hit after the catch, nine times out of ten he still hangs on to it.

I like the idea of Jesse Lumsden or Jason Clermont, even Andy Fantuz(I know I am biased but I threw it in there).

Kerry Joseph I think should be considered he does a ton of stuff off the field (Kerry's Kids and different charities).

Jesse Lumsden, even if he doesn't stay healthy, is pretty well-spoken judging by a radio blurb I heard him do recently.

My other pick is Darian Durant, because the guy is a believer in this league and plays with so much heart.

Both would make fine poster boys.

For sentimental picks who don't count for the purposes of this discussion, I will go with Warren Moon because of the very kind words he had for the CFL and Canada during his Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement speech.:

I would say Jesse Lumsden and Jason Clermont. Two young studs who are as good people as they are players.

no votes for stegall?

Or Jason Jiminez?

Is the Jiminez thing a joke? He is dirty and lacks respect for other players. Its like saying Bertuzzi should be poster boy for NHL. Absolutely ridiculous!

exactly. everybody knows dany heatley should be the nhl poster boy

Sez you. I happen to think Mr. Jiminez is a fine upstanding young man, and would be a perfect candidate for CFL Poster Boy and Humanitarian of The Year.

Him or Jason Clermont, problem with Clermont is he's not very handsome. You need someone with some looks to bring in the ladies. Maybe Javy Glatt, he's canadian and my wife swooned over him when he did the Football 101 thing.

Somewhere, on our left coast, RLR is agreeing with me.

However, if you thought I was serious, you better check the batteries on your humour-detector.