Post your Zach Collaros hate here!

Please do indulge, I would love to hear why Zach isn't one of if not the best QBs in the league.

Some stats to chew on for you guys.

Last 4 games
109/158 69%, 1510 yards, 14 TDs, 2 INTs

I know somebody out there wants to express why he isn't any good, here is your chance :lol: :cowboy: :wink:


Totally agree, when you take a closer look it really stands out...

Last 16 starts
359/517 69%, 4886 yards, 39 TDS, 10 INTS

I think he's good. He's helped the TiCats become a formidable opponent.

He clearly won that game tonight.

People who say he's overrated clearly don't know what they're talking about.


The thread is obviously in jest, I am glad you realized and didn't call me names lol

Any real football fan would have to be a fool if they can't realize the talent Zach has, he has a lot of room for improvement too which is probably the most exciting part as a Cats fan. He always seems to have random lapses in judgement during games like the INT tonight, but they are very few and far between and hopefully as time goes become less frequent, which is when he'd make the jump to a truly elite QB where he could set himself up for a HOF type career. Yea that's right I said HOF :cowboy:

I've liked the guy ever since he was a Cincinnati Bearcat.

[i]Oh geez... A homer thread started in the main forum by a Ticat fan :roll:


Goddamn Johnny I thought for sure you'd take the bait, can't rely on anyone nowadays you need to change your name again...highly disappointed in your politically correct response.

[i]Well the thing is, you should have been a little more nuanced in your bait post.

You finish your post with this line:[/i]

"I know somebody out there wants to express why he isn't any good, here is your chance"

[i]Johnny never said Collaros wasn't good. Johnny would never say that, because it's not true. What Johnny has said in the past, and what he still says, is that his body of work is too small to proclaim him as "great".

He keeps playing like this, or at a similar level for at least 3 seasons, then that is another matter.

Right now, he is still a bit overrated! :smiley: [/i]

Lol I clearly need to learn some lessons from the master, I am still learning :wink:

Good post though, can't disagree sounds like we have pretty much the same thoughts on ZC.

If he stayed healthy last year they cruise to a GC victory. This year he looks just as good,the only issue with the Cats is their defence. They have to clean some things up . They will have a good shot in the GC game, with Collaros .

Honestly the only one that ragged on Zach was Bungle, and he's banned now...

Early in the LDC I though Zack might have been suffering from BWS - aka Battered Willy Syndrome; he was a tad happy-footed & errant.
But like most of the great ones he just needed time to warm up and set himself into the match. Once accomplished he basically buried Old Man Ray.

Zack the Snack vs. Mountain Boy Bo is the odds-on favourite for the Grey Cup at this time. But like the mysteries of the CFL = injuries and unknown factors (superstar NFL cuts, etc.) can upset the apple-cart.

Somebody else opined Orlondo Steinauer and Jeff Reinbold had switched jobs. Reinbold was an absolute basket case on the sidelines - memories of his hallowed (sic) days in Winnipeg, perhaps?

pfffft give me a break......Zach Collaros ? Seriously ? Gimme a break !!!! I wish we still had old Cranky Hanky at QB. :lol:

Still have no idea what Austin was thinking about when he let Humble Hank go and decided to sign up this clipboard carrier name of Collaros to replace the man, the legend who single handily turned the Cats around :roll: I mean come on Austin !!!! What were ya thinking ??? I mean seriously how good could this Collaros guy be ? Hell even the Greatest GM in the history of football the one and only J.Barker didn't think to much of this Collaros character and said Thanks but no thanks kid I gotta let ya go thanks for coming out. I mean come on Kent, if the Great Barker didn't want him why in the world would you want him ? Nope , huge, huge mistake Ti-Cats , can't believe you would sign this nobody and let the great Henry go :lol: Just what the Hell were ya thinking Austin ?!?!? :wink:

So let me get this right. Johnnytheticatlover says Collaros' body of work is too small to proclaim him as "great". Fair enough. But the same size sample is Ok proclaim him as "overrated".

Which one is it, Johnnyinlastplace?

I am not sure about that.

Remember, it was not just Zach, that was hurt.

The Cats along with Stamps, were the two most banged up teams going into the playoffs.

O-Line, D- Line , 2 receivers , RB and QB for the Cats were out.

Even if Zach was not injured, I do not believe they could have beaten the Esks in the GC.

The Esks D was just to good and solid. So , I say Zach or no Zach , Esks still win.

Never say IF - THEY WOULD HAVE. All there is is WHAT IF.

Yet you are right, they need to get going on the D . Giving up to way many points.
Zach is just getting better but the O-Line needs to give him better time.

I guess today is opposite day then.

Gosh darn that Zach Collaros for being too damn ugly, too damn old, too poor a QB. Most of all, he too undedicated to his personal hygiene.

This thread gives me faith that this board is heading back in the right direction. Sounds dumb but I laid a ridiculous thread out there just for fun and nobody attacked or went full Bungle. Some good posts in here. More than anything though just happy for Zach as a human being, an ACL can be tough mentally and physically to come back from and he seems to be even better than he was before he left.

Unfortunately as noted, Zach can't win the Cup on his own, Cats defence needs to step their game up if they truly want to contend.