post your season-ending standings...

...just for fun (there are no prizes available), post your end-of-season standings...I figure all things being equal today (ie no future major injuries to any star players and no significant rider player arrests) we should have a pretty good guess on how the rest of the season plays guess is:

Calgary 15-3
Edmonton 13-5
Saskatchewan 11-7
BC - 8-10
Winnipeg 7-11

Hamilton 9-9
Toronto 8-10
Montreal 7-11
Ottawa 3-15

looks good , Hamilton in first in the East, Ti-Cats rolling in all three fazes, 11-7 :rockin:

Bombers will beat the Lions for the Cross over. :rockin:

Here is my guess

Calgary 14-4
Edmonton 12-6
Saskatchewan 11-7
Winnipeg 9-9 (winning the head to head vs BC)
BC 9-9

Hamilton 9-9
Toronto 8-10
Montreal 7-9
Ottawa 2-16

Winnipeg losing the ESF to Argos therefore ending the chance of a All-Western Grey Cup. I'm a homer so I'll say Argos beating Hamilton, Calgary winning the West. Stamps over Argos in BC.

beginning of season I said


bc and wpg will be close and fighting for 4 place

I will stick to that.

for the east, didn't do so well

I said


Still think Tor finishes on top, but not sure between mont and ham for second

Thought for sure that Ott had done a good job in the expansion draft.

Never expected mont to be a contender

I'll reply for turkeybend2.


Who cares
Doesn't matter

Grey Cup
Saskatchewan wins by forfeit as no other team is worthy to be there against Saskatchewan.

After all, Saskatchewan is in a league of its own!

(This was fun. I now see why turkeybend2 does this! :lol: )

You have Montreal playing a 16-game season. I know we're a bad team this year, but COME ON! :lol:

Cal 15 - 3
Ssk 13 - 5
Edm 11-7
BC 9-9
Wpg - 8-10

Ham 9-9
Tor - 8-10
Mtl 6-12
Ott 2-16

Okay,here it is the Official Unofficial Final Standings for this 2014 season. After projecting my W/L for the final 7 weeks of the season for each and every team and downloading the data into my ultra deluxe Bobo-Nator 2000 Sims projection simulator program I've come up with this astonishing finish and results when this regular season and play-offs are finally said and done............DRUM ROLL PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all the big surprise is NO Crossover as remarkably the playoffs end up 3 teams in each division as the Cats,Argos and Al's all play strong down the stretch and all end up playoff bound.The Lions fail to make the playoffs for the 1rst time in 17 years and the Bombers after their strong start falter down the stretch and miss the playoffs finishing 5th in the West. So with all that being said and without further adieu here it is the final standings,the playoffs and the Grey Cup 2014 Edition. :slight_smile: :wink:

EAST.......................CHAMPIONS....TI-CATS....................GREY CUP 2014 CHAMPIONS :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy:

HAM.....10-8-0-20..........Hamilton defeats Toronto (East-final)
TOR.....8-10-0-16..........Toronto defeats
MTL.....8-10-0-16..........Montreal (Semi-final)


CAL.....15-3-0-30.........Calgary defeats Edmonton (West-final)
EDM.....12-6-0-24.........Edmonton defeats

subject to change without notice :wink:

Cal - 13-5
Sask - 12-6
Ed - 10-8
BC - 10-8
Winn 9-9

Tor - 9-9
Ham -8-10
Mon - 7-11
Ott - 3-15

Lions lose vs Hamilton
Grey Cup ; Argos vs Riders = SASKATCHEWAN :rockin:





BC crosses over

ESF- BC over Hamilton
WSF- Sask over Edmonton
Eastern Final- Toronto over BC
Western Final- Sask over Calgary

GREY CUP- Saskatchewan def. Toronto

Welcome to the dark side TBD!

Fixed it for you. Now it looks like TB2. 8)

TB or not TB, that is the question


Calgary 15-3
Sask 12-6
Edm 11-7
BC 10-8
Winn 9-9


Ham 9-9
Mont 7-11
Tor 6-12
Ott 2-16

ESF BC over Montreal
WSF Edmonton over Saskatchewan

EF BC over Hamilton
WF Edmonton over Calgary

All Western Grey Cup Edmonton over BC (home winners streak has to end sometime, but the crossover gives BC the easy ride to the show).

This season is the perfect example for why we need to abolish this idiotic two division system.

…would BC be in the visitor’s dressing room?

you're funny :slight_smile:

Well of course. Can't give them the easy route and home field. Don't be silly. 8)

Not sure if any of you noticed this from the CFL home page
A computer simulation model is used to calculate the probabilities of any CFL team finishing first in its division.

The model considers the following:
• Each team’s current win-loss record
• Opponents already played (including whether it was a home or away game)
• Margin of victory (or loss) in games previously played in the season
• Remaining opponents to be played (including whether those games are home or away)

The model calculates each team’s probability of victory in each remaining game. It then simulates 10,000 replications of the remaining regular season schedule. The first place team in each division is the one with the most regular season wins. For each replication, the model keeps track of which team finished first.

For instance, if Winnipeg finished first in the Western Division in 1,990 of the 10,000 replications, then its first place probability is 1,990 / 10,000 = 19.90%.

The model is updated weekly based on the results of games played that week.

Here is a look at how the teams stack up:

West Division Team Projection
Calgary Stampeders - 89.75%
Saskatchewan Roughriders - 7.07%
Edmonton Eskimos - 2.79%
BC Lions - 0.34%
Winnipeg Blue Bombers - 0.05%

Calgary's loss to Montreal drops them from 94.79% but they still have a strangle-hold on the division. Saskatchewan's win, combined with an Eskimos loss and yielded a percentage increase and created some breathing room. Still tough sledding for the Lions and Bombers.

East Division Team Projection
Toronto Argonauts - 45.8%
Hamilton Tiger-Cats - 45.6%
Montreal Alouettes - 9.5%
Ottawa REDBLACKS - 0.1%

The percentage difference of 0.2 sums up where the East Division is right now. Both Toronto and Hamilton won last week and will likely witness significant movement as they play each other twice in the next four weeks. Hamilton also has a game in hand. Montreal is still in the picture but the algorithm states its a long shot.

Can't get much closer on the number between the Argos and Cats for first in the East. Hamilton has a game in hand - but Argos are mostly at home - and I'm sure that is the main reason they come in as just slight favourites over the Cats.

or course these simulations don't take into account each teams injuries.

...after watching the mess that is the rider offense last night and considering their opponents for their final five games it's entirely possible they finish at 9-9...3 games at home will help, but how much?