Post Your Own Starting Lineup using Current Roster

Offense :

Simmons Dyakowski Filer Bomben Howard
Watt Fantuz Tasker Owens Toliver

Defense :

                         Chick       Laurent        Gaydosh          Tracey
                  Ellis         Lawrence                    Plesius         Rico Murry

Sears Stephen

                       Washington                                                      Butler

Offence: 1qb/4 Cdns/7 imp

qb.....Zach Collaros
rb.....CJ Gable
sb.....Andy Fantuz (Cdn)
sb.....Chad Owens
sb.....Luke Tasker
wr.....Terrence Toliver
wr.....Tiquan Underwood
c........Mike Filer (Cdn)
g.......Peter Dyakowski (Cdn)
g.......Ryan Bomben (Cdn)
t........Jeremy Lewis
t........Brian Simmons

Defence: 4 Cdns/8 imp

de.....John Chick
dt.....Drake Nevis
dt.....Ted Laurent (Cdn)
de.....Adrian Tracy
olb....Simoni Lawrence
mlb...Fred Plesius (Cdn)
olb....Alex Hoffman-Ellis
cb.....Courtney Stephen (Cdn)
cb.....DeMond Washington
hb....Johnny Sears
hb....Rico Murray
s.......Craig Butler (Cdn)


Simmons Dyakowski Filer Bomben Lewis

Underwood Tasker Owens Fantuz Tolliver

Gable Collaros Prime


Norwood Gaydosh Laurent Chick

Lawrence Plesius Sears

Brandon Washington Butler Murray Stephen

DL - Laurent, Mawa, Gaydosh
DE - Norwood
LB - Lawrence, Hoffman-Ellis, Omara, Hughes
DB - Murray, Stephen, Butler, Sears Jr. (+/- Daly)

QB - Collaros
FB - Primé, Ford
OL - Simmons, Lewis, Dyakowski, Bomben, Filer
SB - Owens
WR - Toliver, Underwood, Tasker

Underwood, Toliver, Tasker, Fantuz, Owens, Gable, Collaros,
Rice, Dyakowski, Filer, Bomben, Lewis

Tracy, Chick, Laurent, Gaydosh
Plesius, Lawrence, Hoffman- Ellis
Stephen, Washington, Sears, Murray, Butler

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

So everyone think Spencer Watt is going to be a back up ?

I honestly can't see Watt cracking the starting line-up, he will get his touches in rotation and situational sets but unless Fantuz gets injured (again) he will be Fantuz's Cdn back-up in the slot. Looking at my predicted starting 5 tell me who you would sit out in place of Watt? Watt along with Banks and Coates will most likely be our reserves rounding out an 8 pack of receivers barring any injuries on our game day 44 man active roster. I adjusted and added all 3 above mentioned players to my Line-up to illustrate further as to how I think it will work out receiving wise this season providing like I said above barring any unforeseen circumstances and of course injuries to any of the projected starters that I've listed.

Here's mine. Names in ()'s are who I think will start W1 since I don't think Zach or Eric will be ready.

I think they'll


Collaros (Masoli) QB
Gable RB

Toliver WR

  • Fantuz SB
    Tasker SB
    Owens SB
    Underwood WR

Simmons LT

  • Dyakowski LG
  • Filer C
  • Bomben RG
    Lewis RT


Norwood (Tracy) DE Boundary

  • Laurent DT
    Nevis/FA DT
    Chick DE Field

Lawrence WILL
Hoffman-Ellis MLB
Murray/Sears Jr SAM

Sears Jr/Murray CB Boundary
Washington/FA DB

  • Butler S
    Brandon/FA DB
  • Stephen CB Field

I would much rather be able to rotate/flip Murray & Sears Jr between SAM & one of the DB spots but I have no idea whether Washington or Brandon can play short-side corner and I know Rico & Johnny can.

They should probably advertise their FA camps down south in March as ... "If you can Kick or Play Corner we'll wave the door-fee!"

if they are going with 2 CDN wr's it will be Fantuz and Aprile imo. but I just cant see them starting 2

id like to say our MLB will be Tank but we let our best tackler walk :cry:

Simmons, Dyakowski, Filer, Bomben, Lewis
Masoli then Collaros ASAP!!!
Gable , Prime
Tasker, Fantuz, Owens/Banks (heavy rotation), Underwood, Toliver

Chick, Nevis, Laurent, Tracey (Norwood when healthy)
Lawrence, Plesius, Hoffman-Ellis
Murray, Sears, Butler, Washington, Stephens

Kicker...who the hell knows

As of now it is really just the LBs and DBs that leave all the question marks. They have the guys to fill all the holes, just don't know how Steinauer and Austin are going to deploy their men. The ability to rotate guys on this defence will shine through once again this season I am sure.

Underwood and Toliver will platoon on one side with Watt on the other side

I doubt it. We have enough Canadian starters elsewhere that we don't need to start 2 at receiver.
More than enough if we go with 2 starting Canadian DT's.

Agreed about Canadian starters, we are knee deep in Canadian depth on the roster when it comes to the league's minimum of 7 starters and actually have the potential to start as many as 9 this season. This team while it has taken a major hit on the FA market this season it has been mostly on the import(International) side of things where we have lost most of our starting players. The team has re-signed pretty well all of their important key Canadian starter FA's and potential starters. Players like Laurent,Stephen,Fantuz who are proven starters and Plesius who could very well make the jump to a starters role this season and also have other potential starters in Gaydosh and Daly already under contract for this season.

Here is a simple break down of who our Cdn starters are right now and who on the roster has the potential to also be promoted to a starters role this season. I really don't see the need to start Watt at this time as JFL says and I agree...We have more than enough potential and plenty of flexibility in Canadian content elsewhere on the roster for this upcoming season. The good thing about having an healthy Watt this season is the insurance he gives us in the case of Fantuz going down with yet another injury as has been the case with Andy these past three seasons..

Starting signed Canadians currently on Roster

REC.....Andy Fantuz
C.........Mike Filer
G........Peter Dyakowski
G........Ryan Bomben
DT......Ted Laurent
CB......Courtney Stephen
S/LB.........Craig Butler

Potential starting Canadians currently on Roster

DT......Linden Gaydosh (possible replacement for the departed Bryan Hall)
MLB...Fred Plesius (possible replacement for the departed Tank Reed)
S.........Mike Daly (if Butler is moved up into the vacated SAM position possibly replacing the departed Erik Harris)

Plan A

Van Gylswyk, 24, has completed his CIS eligibility and the kicker/punter, who formerly played with the Westshore Rebels, has moved into a top 20 ranking for the CFL draft.

Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Philadelphia have come calling and now his coach has been asked about video for the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals.

“It’s awesome. I never thought this could happen. To have this season as my last was pretty special,? said Van Gylswyk, who kicked the winning points for the T-Birds at the Vanier Cup. “We wouldn’t have had these sort of looks had we not been at the Vanier Cup or won it.

“The NFL dream — that might be a little far-fetched, in my opinion. But who knows? If I play a couple of years in the CFL I might be able to get to the NFL from the CFL. It’s definitely motivating, though,? said Van Gylswyk, who has had interest from Hamilton as well as others in the CFL.

The Ticats just lost kicker Justin Medlock to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on the first day of free agency on Tuesday.

I just cant see a guy we pay 120k a year ( Watt ) wouldnt be a starter

Drew Edwards

Sources say new WR Spencer Watt got a two-year deal from the #Ticats at 120K per season. #CFLFA15 #CFL
4:53 PM - 10 Feb 2015

120 a year?!? wow, no wonder we couldnt resign Money and Tank..

I was surprised to read through this thread and not see more people suggesting this. I'm confident we're going all Canadian at DT. You picked Gaydosh with the #1 overall pick, and Gill (if healthy) with the #9 overall pick. No sense having these guys sit on the bench.

It also explains why we tried to re-sign Bulcke, and then moved on to Atkinson. If the plan was to just start Laurent, you'd think Austin would be satisfied with Gaydosh, Gill, and Mawa behind him. But if the plan is to start Gaydosh and Laurent, you would need an experienced guy like Bulcke/Atkinson to back-up the two spots along with Gill and Mawa, who are yet to get any playing time.

He was also projected to be a starter last season, so the contract is appropriate. The fact that he tore his Achilles in training before pre-season meant that his salary did NOT count against the cap. To think that he could have played all the games Fantuz missed, and we wouldn't have had to put up with Aprile et al...

Speaking of Aprile did we or did we not re-sign him a few weeks back? I could've sworn that his re-signing was announced because it seems odd that he isn't listed on the current team roster and on the Free Agent tracker list he is still listed as currently unsigned. So does anybody know the scoop ? Did we sign him or did we not sign him?