Post Your Grey Cup Experience Here!

I thought this year's GC was one of the best ever, event-wise! Here is my tale of Grey Cup fun, hopefully more will post theirs!

I landed in YVR around 1030am Saturday, and right from the airport, on the train downtown you could feel the party in the air! Definitely ignore ALL the articles that try to say that the Grey Cup atmosphere only exists within a few blocks of the stadium/convention center. All over downtown you would see people wearing a CFL jersey – with every team represented!

After a quick nap I caught the second half of the Vanier Cup, with its’ thrilling conclusion! Congrats U of Montreal! Then my friend and I hit the City for the party. We saw 54-40 and Trooper that night, a good time. Made a stop for a few more pints at the Elephant and Castle (Winnipeg BB’s home party), I have partied with the Bombers’ fans a few times and there is never a dull moment with them! More good times!

Game day itself was one of my favorite sports experiences ever! The Fan March from the Convention Center to BC Place was great; saw some of the best costumes there! Chewbacca and Darth Vader were my faves! The festival area around the stadium was awesome and everyone was in great spirits the whole day! The atmosphere inside was even better! Again, lets just ignore the articles that try to make a crisis out of there being 1500 empty seats, when I watched the highlights later, the place looked full, and it sounded full as well!

The half-time show was probably the best the Grey Cup has ever seen! I have been a fan of Imagine Dragons since the first time I heard the song “Its Time?, so I had high expectations for it. I thought they were awesome!

The game itself was exciting! I thought that for two young QBs to come in, on a stage like this, and both play great games bodes well for the future of the league at that position! Banks is a marvel to watch, and I felt bad for him having that TD brought back. It was a good call, a very tough call, but a good one. As a Riders’ fan, I know what that feels like, so I sympathize with all Cats fans!

The season was not a classic, but hopefully we can remember 2014 for the great championship game, rather than the lack-luster play of some games!

Well written and bang on too from what I saw around town this past weekend.

While in the Spirit Room or walking to the game or just walking around downtown I was struck, as always, at the friendly nature of the fans to each other while they wear their various jerseys no matter where they are or how much they've had to drink. You get bumped in an event by someone who's had too much or is carrying a handful of drinks all that happens is a, "sorry man" and then a "no problem pal..." and that's it. No fights, no hassle, no anger...everybody is just havin' fun and celebrating their team....their game and their League.

I've never been to a Super Bowl but I wonder if it's anything like this? The Grey Cup is truly ours. The sponsors make it possible, and bless them for their support, but they don't own it.

It's a great balance and great fun. And good on VanCity for hosting a great event...and it's second in four seasons (and a three year period). It'll be a long time before the game is indoors again!

For me I live in the out skirts of Vancouver Pitt Meadows I was very hesitant to go to the festivals this year as how bad of a season the lions had , figured it would be bead nobody around , but as I heard how fun it was downtown by Thursday evening my family went on sat all day it wad just as good or even better than the 2011/ 2005 game , in 2011 it was all bc lions fans not as many out of towners , in 2005 I t was very well done but not as many people dressed up, this years was unreal everyone dressed up all over town I think having the roar on the shore banners all over downtown helped , as we got on the sky train and headed towards the convention centre you feel the excitement , all the people , it was something, there were some tourists there at the convention centre ( not there for the grey cup ) who really enjoyed them selves they did not know what was going on until somebody told them they ended up staying there for hours saw them at one of the party's also, did not go to the game this year but the enjoyment my family had was second to none way to go Vancouver

I'm pretty used to the "events" in Vancouver. Almost always have a good time. Vancouver does a great job in these.

Without a doubt the highlight for me was the game and crowd. Sounds too simplistic but it was amazing how much more enjoyable a football game is when the place is jammed. Such a far cry than when there is 25,000 there.

Just makes me wonder why the team, Vancouver and area businesses can't seem to rally around the 9 home dates more.

It was a great refresher for me to see this game in a fabulous city after swearing off going to games there earlier.

There was even a flag football beach game down on English Bay on Saturday night before repairing to a neighborhood haunt.
The brandy took the chill off I'll tell you.

Props go to Vancouver cops who were really smart about how they went about their business.


Hats off to Vancouver for a Grey Cup job well done. The weather helped I am told but all who I know went came back with great stories about atmosphere.
So, I salute Vancouver and the organizers. Well done.
CFL Forever
Riders Will Return

Organizers ordered cold weather so all the flatlanders would feel more at home....yer welcome.