Post your favorite player!!

Hey guys lets start something new.

Post a picture of a player that you are excited to see this season alone with a comment.

He has a leg to boot!

pictures by Caiteag


Oski Wee Wee,

So anyone who pays attention to me at all would know that my favourite player is Julien Radlein and he is definitely who I am looking forward to seeing… BUT… in terms of our new players, one person does stand out… so I’m going to go with him.

I really think he is going to make some big time catches this season.

I'm not going to pick a favourite since my support has been so detrimental to players in the past. In other words, I'm a jinx. :wink:

I'm going with Jesse Lumsden and Tay Cody and Timmy Chang.

And the player I want to start playing up to his potential is Brock Ralph.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hey borehamgirl I really dont think your a jink, So lets see the pick....

Well I'm looking forward to seeing Timmy Chang and this guy in my sig by the name of Jojo Walker I think he will be HUGE in the returning game and in the 5 wide situations he will get us some TD's this year! He may be little but thoes are the players that always come out on top!

Good Luck This Season Boys

A promising future superstar in the CFL, Quarterback Tim Chang.

Ok you asked..(sorry guys I didn't want to do it).

Shoot BG… now you’re going to get me cut from the team!!! :twisted:

Nope, I didn't take that pic so you should be okay. :wink:

Whew.. I was scared for a minute!! :lol:


Talman Gardner #83

HT: 6.01
WT: 205
Birthdate: 1980-03-10
Born: New Orleans, LA
College: Florida State
Team: 1
CFL: 1

Talmen is Favorite new player.
if we go with Guys that have Been here Pascal Rules

HT: 6.04
WT: 305
Birthdate: 1974-06-22
Born: Charlesborough, QC
College: Laval
Team: 7
CFL: 8

I'd have to go with Brock Ralph or Tay Cody. Sorry no pic

Ok, sure.