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Vintage upgrades & additions September 2022 - March 2023

It's unlikely that I'll ever post a heavier, greater batch of vintage upgrades & additions than this.

I didn't need upgrades of either '54 Bud Grant or '56 Johnny Bright but as I said earlier in this thread, "never look a gift horse in the mouth". And the prices I paid for these Grant's was a literal gift. They'll mean even more to me going forward, remembering that I got them only a month before Bud passed on.

I wonder if the CFL players were paid for the cards in the 1970's. For baseball, Topps paid players 75$ if they made a card of them.

Hey, wow! Those look nice and white compared with most other 1954 Blue Ribbon and 1956 Shredded Wheat cards commonly seen. :sunglasses: Hopefully that's not just some trick of the light.


A pittance if at all.


A Trick Of The Light