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True, but it's the repetitiveness of the photos that's annoying. However, there are some nice photos as well:




Would look even nicer in colour.

1965 Topps : NO Russ Jackson Topps went with:


Zach Collaros 2019-2021 UD CFL Logo Patch "Triple Crown"


1963 Post CFL

A complete set of factory cuts was recently auctioned off on ebay on January 7th by Greg Morris cards, one of the largest & most well known sellers of raw vintage.

A handful of these went for what are unprecedented & record amounts for these specific cards in factory cut form.

Only 6 months ago, I picked-up a factory cut Sandy Stephens PSA 8, the highest graded, for $65ca.

Truthfully I don't like talk about pricing. I'm all about the simple joy of collecting per se.

In the early 1990's I acquired almost a complete set of the 1963 Post Cereal CFL factory cut cards from Charlton International Publishing in Toronto which had published the first CFL Price Guides. I acquired the last three or four factory cuts I needed by the turn of the century. Here are some representative scans from my set:

And here's my Album:



The 1962 Post CFL (and Baseball) cards with the dashed lines and the perforations along one side were specifically from Sugar Crisp. This was necessary because Sugar Crisp boxes in Canada were a plain box covered with a type of glossy cellophane on which the graphics were printed. The cards were not therefore printed on the back of the Sugar Crisp boxes but were instead inserted between the inside of the box and the foil bag containing the Sugar Crisp cereal.

Among the scarcer items in my collection of kids' stuff though are these unburst and uncut 1962 Post Baseball sheets from Sugar Crisp:

I have only three of the eight 1962 Sugar Crisp Baseball sheets issued. In addition to the two above I also have the one with Hank Aaron. Of the remaining five the one I want the most is the one with Ernie Banks, Orlando Cepeda and Willie Davis.

I was eating box after box of Post Sugar Crisp in the spring of 1962 trying to complete a set of the Post Cereal Baseball cards. This was an effort doomed to failure though because you couldn't get all the cards in the set unless you were willing to sample Post's entire line of cereals. Undaunted I was still eating Sugar Crisp that summer to get the CFL cards. Here are scans of all five of the 1962 Sugar Crisp sheets from my present day collection which I've had for over thirty years:

By the time Post issued the 1963 CFL cards Sugar Crisp came in a regular box. I was eating mainly Crispy Critters that summer to get the CFL cards which meant I got black bordered cards instead of the blue bordered ones which were on the other Post cereals. And no, I can't explain why Post chose to colour the borders on the Crispy Critter cards differently.



Once & if I ever get over the '50s, I'd like to get more serious about '62 & '63 Post + 1968 O-Pee-Chee. I've only dabbled in those sets over the years. Did pick-up a small pile of PSA graded 1963 Post Factory cuts last summer.

The white back short prints from 1962 & 1963 Post could only be obtained by purchasing Grape Nuts cereal. Probably the least popular cereal for kids in the early sixties, unless of course, you enjoyed eating rabbit food pellets. :smirk:

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And we had a rabbit at the time but it didn't occur to me that his diet needed to be supplemented with Grape Nuts in order for me to advance my collection!

Dan W. Mabey authored a couple of excellent Northern Exposure booklets detailing the distribution of the 1962 (EDIT: actually of the 1963) Canadian Post sets by cereal. The CFL one is dated 23 July 1995. These were the cards from the CFL set available only on boxes of Grape Nuts grouped by individual panel/box:

39 Bottoms
61 Karcz
143 Bailey

99 West
131 Letcavits

73 Burkholder
149 Fieldgate


EDIT: The information above is for the 1963 Post CFL cards on which Dan Mabey authored a booklet and not for the 1962 Post CFL cards.

There were 12 cards issued on Grape Nuts cereal boxes in 1963. What happened to the other 5 cards? 3 Clark, 13 Stephens, 59 Faloney, 112 Day and 119 Pajaczkowski.

Those are 1963 SP panel break-downs, not 1962.
Also, he's wrong about Bottoms-Karcz-Bailey, it was actually Bottoms-Eagle Day-Bailey.
Here's the full 1963 break-down :

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Uggghhh!!! Sorry. You're right. Dan Mabey's booklets cover the 1962 Canadian Post Baseball and the 1963 Post CFL cards and the list I posted is for the 1963 CFL not for the 1962 CFL. I goofed badly.


Actually Day-Bailey-Karcz-Bottoms were all on the same four card 1963 Post Grape Nuts panel.


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New to this group just wanted to post my newest pick up

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My best Bombers cards.


In case you or anyone else was interested; a sealed 1964 Topps CFL box is being auctioned off:

Welcome to the group, DG! Nice looking card... :smiley:

i can't/won't buy unopened boxes or packs. I know myself. I wouldn't be able to resist opening them!


I'll stick to empty display boxes and wrappers.


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