Post your CFL cards here!

With the exception of two years in the early 1990's, JOGO cards were never issued in wax packs/foil packs. I therefore don't regard them as proper trading cards. (Of course I think all cards should be issued with bubble gum or as some sort of a kids' food premium anyway.)


Vintage additions & upgrades, March - September, 2021.

A pretty good half year for vintage. Any year where I can knock three cards off my top 10 most-wanted vintage is a good one & the Beckett, Williams & Barry cards were such.

The Mel Beckett auction was quite furious. Six different bidders got in a bid with 8 seconds or less remaining. Mine was the final of those six, placed with 2 seconds left. One of my sweeter auction wins.

Tom "The Bomb" Tracy is an interesting story. At 21 years of age, he was Ottawa's leading rusher & an Eastern All-Star in 1955, averaging 7.1 yards per carry. In 1956 he played for both Ottawa & the Detroit Lions. Still with the Lions in 1957, he was a member of that teams' final NFL championship team. From '58 through '60 he was the Pittsburgh Steelers leading rusher and a 2-time Pro-Bowl selection.
Despite the low 3.5 grade on this card, this is actually the 2nd highest graded by PSA so far.

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Absolutely beautiful cards that richly deserve to be freed from their plastic tombs!


Incidentally, how/why is the Doug Nagle card graded higher than the Tom Tracy?

And who/what are these Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers of which you speak?


I think the Tracy card is under-graded. It's got a surface scuff on the top left front-side quarter of the card. Aside from that, sharper than most of the 5s that I have from this set.
Meanwhile, the Stan Williams card must've been graded by a blind person. I was really expecting better. I'd give it a "2" personally. I've seen this card on ebay three times in the last 9.5 years and as bad as this one is, it mops the floor with the two that I passed on.

One of my favourite CFL cards - - looks great alongside his NHL rookie.


1980-81 FBI CFL

So I guess these guys were all wanted by the FBI forty years ago...?
No idea what FBI is short for here, but these box bottoms are as hard to find as any of the toughest vintage CFL card sets.
In "Collecting Canadian Football, Vol.1", author Andy Malycky speculated that they might've only been available in Quebec.
If anyone has more of these that they'd like to sell, please get in touch (contact info, see post 77 of this thread). If you had them, hopefully you didn't punch out the discs.

Why is Bob Cameron marked as 'Quarterback' on that card?

from Bob's wiki page :

Cameron was a quarterback at Acadia University. He won the Hec Crighton Trophy (most outstanding college football player in Canada). Cameron was drafted by the Edmonton Eskimos in the first round of the 1977 College Draft. He was converted to a punter with the Blue Bombers.

But that card is clearly marked Winnipeg, which means he was clearly a punter by then. Holloway in Toronto means at least 1981, clearly he was never a QB.

FBI was a brand of juice:

I remember it being available in the Toronto-London area but I didn't find the name brand at all appealing. I vaguely recall that the cans were sold in flimsy cardboard packs of two cans.

Will do. I've never collected the FBI box bottoms. I've never found them the least bit attractive.

Incidentally, do you collect the CFL Coke/Sprite caps from 1965?


Bob Cameron also punted for Acadia. He was an outstanding versatile football player. Pity he was never given a chance to show his stuff at QB in the CFL.


[quote="Balticfox, post:191, topic:63623"]
Will do. I've never collected the FBI box bottoms. I've never found them the least bit attractive.[/quote]

Do you have any?
They aren't much to look at, but they are from an under-represented era as far as CFL cards. It seems to me, the first of these two FBI sets (dated 1979 in Andy's book) are even more seldom seen than the second set dated '80-'81.

No, just old paper.

No. I'll keep an eye out for them though.

With respect to the Coke/Sprite caps, what I particularly like about them is the way they rekindle my memories of the days when there was no joy like going to the corner variety store with a dime and two pennies on a hot summer day and pulling my choice of pop out of an ice water cooler! But that sadly is also the bane of collecting them these days. You see the ice water in which they were stored would start the process of rust on the caps. Plus depending upon the opener the caps could be scratched or bent as they were being opened. There was a period some twenty years ago when I was driving myself to distraction trying to decide whether each and every cap in my near set of CFL Coke caps was minty enough. Whenever I'd upgrade the weakest specimen, another cap would then become the "weakest".

Then of course the Sprite caps are less than 1/10 as common as the Coke caps. Should I collect them as a separate set? And what about the rarer "Buvez" variant? Do I collect those as well? Arrrrgggghhhh!!!

2018 Upper Deck, Round 5


Those Logo Patches aren't as pretty as the Game Patches, but 1/1 or 1/2!!!! They're sure making it tough for the collectors who are completists these days.


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2020 Upper Deck CFL, Round 2

A preview of the 2021 set, supposedly being released in late January 2022.


Additionally, Upper Deck to release, super high-end, CFL SP Game-Used set.

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So pretty :heart_eyes:

What on earth? What's the size of the set? How can they have any more than about three CFL shield patches per player?

And what's that very Tiger-Cat unlike logo patch featured on the Jeremiah Masoli card?


The box/case price of this is going to be exorbitant.

Here's the other two pages of promos they've displayed on facebook for this product.

I'll pass on the namepate patches. That looks somewhere between fugly & hideous, imo.

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