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With the exception of two years in the early 1990's, JOGO cards were never issued in wax packs/foil packs. I therefore don't regard them as proper trading cards. (Of course I think all cards should be issued with bubble gum or as some sort of a kids' food premium anyway.)


Vintage additions & upgrades, March - September, 2021.

A pretty good half year for vintage. Any year where I can knock three cards off my top 10 most-wanted vintage is a good one & the Beckett, Williams & Barry cards were such.

The Mel Beckett auction was quite furious. Six different bidders got in a bid with 8 seconds or less remaining. Mine was the final of those six, placed with 2 seconds left. One of my sweeter auction wins.

Tom "The Bomb" Tracy is an interesting story. At 21 years of age, he was Ottawa's leading rusher & an Eastern All-Star in 1955, averaging 7.1 yards per carry. In 1956 he played for both Ottawa & the Detroit Lions. Still with the Lions in 1957, he was a member of that teams' final NFL championship team. From '58 through '60 he was the Pittsburgh Steelers leading rusher and a 2-time Pro-Bowl selection.
Despite the low 3.5 grade on this card, this is actually the 2nd highest graded by PSA so far.

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Absolutely beautiful cards that richly deserve to be freed from their plastic tombs!


Incidentally, how/why is the Doug Nagle card graded higher than the Tom Tracy?

And who/what are these Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers of which you speak?


I think the Tracy card is under-graded. It's got a surface scuff on the top left front-side quarter of the card. Aside from that, sharper than most of the 5s that I have from this set.
Meanwhile, the Stan Williams card must've been graded by a blind person. I was really expecting better. I'd give it a "2" personally. I've seen this card on ebay three times in the last 9.5 years and as bad as this one is, it mops the floor with the two that I passed on.

One of my favourite CFL cards - - looks great alongside his NHL rookie.