Post play penalties speeding up the game?

So it has been pretty obvious the new Disqualification penalties after the play have been applied rather strenuously the first few weeks.

To me it appears the intent is to stop all the pushing, shoving, and carrying on after every play. If that was the intent - it sure seems to be working. Last nights game between Saskatchewan and Montreal was a pleasure to watch from that perspective. Yes there were a couple wrestling matches etc. but it wasn't the all out brawls lopsided games have degenerated into in the last few years.

Anyone else enjoying the faster pace of play and the fact TSN doesn't have to cut to the booth constantly while they sort out penalties?

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There is an improvement .

Just hope it's kept up .

Plus The fishing for calls is quietly thrown out the window .

Still a few ticky tack calls on PI that need to be cleaned up .

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Headed in the right direction, I think the message is getting through slowly. Got a kick out of Forde asking what the over/under was in getting a call in the next minute on another one of those prolonged calls.

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My only lingering complaint with penalties is that there are too many on punt returns. We're still getting too many big returns called back. I'm not sure the best strategy to reduce these though.

And that tripping call from last night's game took forever. That's an anomoly, but still it was weird.

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Agree. Especially when it happens 10-15 yards away when the ball carrier is headed the other way at speed and the guy who was fowled was a lineman or something that has no hope of catching the returner.

Not that is shouldn't be called but it should be incidental contact and applied on the following kick off or possession.

The long calls last night puzzled me as well. If the definition of tripping is vague enough you have to define it on replay - then you need to fix the rule to be clearer.

I wonder how many kilometers worth of returns we've seen wiped out over the years? It probably adds up to an impressive total.