Post Nuke

Anyone else being directed to this? Is the website being overwhelm?


...yeah, the webmasters said this wouldn't happen this year as they were given some additional pocket change from the CFL to buy and extra Commodore 64 server...guess it wasn't powerful enough when 8 people from Winnipeg logged in...

...seriously though PnP dudes, lets look into this m'kay?...

Seconded. All in favour?


I say 'I'

I've tweaked the settings a bit... we ran out of db connections and I've upped those.

I've also tweaked some caching setting for our php caching/precompiling engine.

I want to thank you for your patience... and helping us properly load test the site before the Grey Cup.

...and cut me some slack... :smiley:, slack cut grumpy...

no problem just wondered why. Lot of extra people here for the playoffs.

...there are over 2500 visitors on the site and it's not crashing...good job Ron...

You think this is bad, wait until the half hour following the Grey'll be lucky if you can even log in...

There were over 3700 on the forums at one point…

The partial outage (>90% of you still got pages) as I said was caused by maxed out db connections… after the second game tonight, we crested over the previous max (by 28 connections) but I had already increased the max connections significantly.

That said - adjusting the config for loads is a dynamic process… I’m sure I’ve just managed to move the bottle neck somewhere else… but we’ll see next week. :smiley:

lol - rerouted the issue? possibly...I can't get into the live pbp...:wink:

Live play is a separate system run by a different group... I feel for them.

Looks like they got liveplay back up now.

Fair enough...wasn't aware they weren't connected...thanks for the clarification...due to this new information, I absolve you of any responsibility in that matter...:wink: