Post Mortem

The defence has tanked without Rust and Brown.

Daley continues to show he is a buffoon (didnt realize it was 2nd and goal from the 1) where tf was his head, clearly not in the game. Why, when you have the best punter in the league are you kicking the ball to the middle of the field when your cover team cant get downfield in time, kick it out of bounds you moron its still gonna go 40 yards.

I have had enough of the rebuilding crap, its time Daley stood up and started taking responsibilty for his poor decision making, let him finish off what is now a train wreck of a season and then fire his a$$.

That's all she wrote guys.......time to start building for next year....and start by employing a coach who knows what the hell he is doing.....our secondary is either playing the worst of any defense in the league or it is not being deployed right.....playing 15 yds. off a receiver is bull%%it can't make up the ground when a guy is firing darts to the may as well just sit by and watch them play catch to the end-zone....there has to be changes here if it's the players....there's a whole raft of NFL.cuts to choose's time to have a look at some of them. you can't screw over the chemistry now because it's non-existent....overall I think the offense has still got lots of potential...Glenn has to learn to put more zip on the ball and quit throwing those bloody lame ducks....sometimes I don't think he and the receivers are on the same page....except with Stegall...but we have more than one guy who can catch Kevin... maybe it's time to have a look at Michna for a half...another problem was the refs. blowing calls.. which I GUESS WE HAVE TO LEARN TO ACCEPT...APPARENTLY...I would say Milt had a touchdown stolen from him....and maybe two....there has to be big changes made on this team ....just to become a contender....and you may as well start NOW....I would say after that effort on LD......some people have played themselves off of this club.... :!:

Daley should just do himself a favour and not god...5 shots at 1 yard line and we throw on the last one...."but I forgot I was the head coach, still thought I was the ST coach" and he doesn't know where the ball is??!!!!
OMeffnG... Bauer get him out of there......

he does seem a little overwhelmed, doesn't he??? i can't believe he actually admitted (during half time brief interview) that the "guys in the box" thought it was on the 2 yd line, therefore, we decided to pass! everyone and their dog could see it was on the 1 yd line, what are these guys on? ..... and these are PRO FOOTBALL coaches??? :shock:

if they've lost the respect of the fans, can u imagine what the locker room is like???

I see Stegall slapping Daley right now...

Most times when Daily speak's, it sounds word for word like he's reading from a Football for dummie's coaching manual. catch him on the fly during halftime, true colors are exposed. I agree with shank, to admit the guy's in the box thought the ball was on the two yardline is something you keep to yourself.

Usually they have binoculars in the spotters box. Ouch, thats a coaching error.