Post Mortem

Where the hell do you start.

  1. The defence was absolutly porous last night
  2. The front four had 0 sacks and very little pressure on Mac
  3. Westwood cant kick a field goal from beyond 40 yards
  4. Going for 2 points at the end of the half, ridiculous
  5. The short kickoff, ridiculous, cost us 3 points
  6. McDonald dropped sure TD
  7. Glenn over throw to McDonald on sure TD
8) Not 1, not 2, but 3 opportunities in the last 3 minutes to get into field goal range, ending in 2 picks and a sack, wtf

Feel free to add to the list as I am sure I missed something.

You covered all the main issues, Brown is only one man, the other three guys did nothing in picking up the slack, for being a consertative coach, Daily is showing signs that he might be sipping whiskey on the sidelines...always take the points in the 2nd quarter. Well a loss is a loss...we have major repairs to make this week, I think the boys are up to the challenge.

I'm going to add a little ancedote.......I've always contended that Glenn ....when the big pressure is on......fails to deliver....he panics....causing unecessary turnovers....too bad he can't keep his cool like a Michna.....otherwise he had a great passing game....the receivers are going great and are going to get better....GET A CONTRACT for Ryan and dump Westwood ......Troys days are over....those missed field goals were more than the difference in the to agree with the call to go for two points....crapo for the biggy.....the Bombers could have won this game quite handily and maybe none of the above would even matter....but quite frankly OUR defense did not show up to play and this what the absence of Rod Rust has done.....instead of comming out to play with a 'lets win won for the guy'...they did the opposite and wreaked.....if this defense ...especially the secondary can look at themselves in the mirror and say they played a 100%...I call bullsh%t....bring in some NFL. cuts and get ready for next year....because if this team thinks they can paly that way against Regina's all over....not one bloody decent stop.....CIS teams could have fielded a better defense.........I'm through venting now and to say I am disappointed would be putting it mildly....time to do some experimenting ...I've all but written this year off.... :arrow:

ok buddy dont throw heat on Glenn they were playing catch up ALL GAME and they were doing a heck of a job, THE DEFENCE DID NOTHING we couldnt force a 2 and out if our god damn lives Depended on it
Reasons: Brown hurt but they should pick up the slack on that
Rod Rust Always Loved blitzing and they didnt do much of that this game and Danny mac had LOTS of time to deliver the ball
the Secondary seemed to have their heads out of the game they kept getting burnt and it was Really bothering me because we never see that from fields, he always usually keeps up with the recivers he just didnt seem to try
Lysack was always out of posistion to make the tackle he was running poorly and triped on his feet many times
We cant do a Damned thing on the road it seems the defence only wants to work in a home crowd Granted they did have one good game on the road Vrs edmonton, but lets face it, edmonton was playing VERY sloppy that game and thats my two cents

  1. McDonald dropped sure TD
  2. Glenn over throw to McDonald on sure TD
8) Not 1, not 2, but 3 opportunities in the last 3 minutes to get into field goal range, ending in 2 picks and a sack, wtf

Feel free to add to the list as I am sure I missed something.
im sorry i gotta defend Glenn here, he had a hell of a performance, but as daley said their 2 minute drill Really needed work and this game proved it

that overthrow happens it happens to the best quarterbacks in the league. but that Dropped pass on the other hand was So fricken easy to get my 10 year old nephew could of made it, but he sees the DB rushing towards him and he gets scared so he drops an EASY floater

the defence cost us that game. they had their heads so far up their *ss, it wasn't even funny. in the cfl, big plays are gonna happen, that's a given, but fat 'n slow Danny Mac torched our secondary every single time! the only time we seemed to get a stop was when he made an errant pass! i've been out of the country for the last month and was sooo looking forward to watching a bomber game again! what a downer!

the offence played well enuff to get a win, in fact, i was pleasantly surprised by our "air attack" back! it was fun to watch qb / receivers play catch!!! some amazing catches - Brazzel's a keeper!

is Daley on glue? what was w the 2 pt attempt before half-time? just be thankful for the points u did get to close out the half to make it close and take the 1 pt. westwood should be punted. he sucks! when he came on for the 2 35+ yard fg's, i KNEW he'd miss! kind of ironic his one miss before half actually helped us!!! .... but then again, only because the ticat returner (rookie) was brain dead! get Ryan placekicking, he can't do any worse than westwood and we could use the extra money to sign another player who can actually help the team!

lastly, what the hell was up w the short kick??? :shock: hamilton was moving the ball at will, and then u give them the ball back w an even shorter field? is Daley retarded? that's inexcusable and just a stupid call.

as much as i blame the defence - secondary and lack of a pass rush (it's only Danny Mac, and he may have a quick release, but he's a dough boy!!! read - slow), i think the coaches also have to take a big part of this loss. they didn't have the defence ready to play an 0-8 team. i think everyone thought they'd just roll on in to Hamilton and win another game - ho, hum!

good job offence / defence - hang ur head in shame / westwood, please retire! / daley, please resign - u suck! / trainers - keep the weed out of the secondary's lockers - they all looked stoned!!!

welcome back shank, your last paragraph pretty much sums it up.

thanks Pigesye! kind of funny that as bad as the "D" stunk it up and the "O" did the opposite, that all we could put together was just this string w 6 replies! aren't more Bomber fans disgusted by the way the D played against Hamilton! That was embarassing!

I guess ur all still on summer holidays or something!

"WEST COAST" Bomber fan (originally from the 'peg)