post-mortem on Game vs. Edmonton

Ouch! Anyone hear why Dressler wasn't playing? I didn't get a chance to listen to the whole game.

Dressler was in for a couple series but then was out the rest of the game, no injury.. just didn't need to be out there.

Good to know! Riders will have to do some serious work in the next week to be ready for Calgary.

Im really hoping that were not going to experience Ken Millers blunders again this year!! I understand wanting to put alot of 3rd stringers out there but im really starting to thing Durant needs to be bumped and Jyles put in but on the other hand it would be nice to have a coach who dosnt mess with their heads in the first place!!!

Yikes. Did anyone see anything positive in this outing. I know it's Post-Season but ....

A few positives and a lot of scapegoats. The positives were, Clermonts play(some questioned if he was over the hill), the team discipline overall(we didn't lose this game because of stupid penalties, was late in the 2nd Quarter before our first infraction), some good play from the new D-ends, and the young Canadian o-linemen performed admirably.

I'd rather not get into scapegoats.

Only pre-season. Score coulda been the other way around and i dont think I would be too excited.

You run a vanilla offense and a vanilla defense, it's pre-season of course. I'm a little disappointed that nobody stepped up and made a name for themselves, but the score doesn't really matter to me.

Lipinski should be the starting safety!
Eric Morris was the only rookie receiver to impress!