Post Mortem from tonights Save Ivor Wynne Rally

For those of you interested, I have posted the video and speach from tonights rally on the Save Ivor Wynne stadium dot com site.

CH news did a good bit about it at six, and The Spec was there as well.

Who cares...a waste of time! :cowboy:

What I loved most, were the people who seen the coverage on CH and made there way down to talk. Had The Spec written something prior or CH mentiond it prior, who knows what the outcome could have been.

My fault for rushing this, but what is a waste of time for some, actually means something to many others. And I guarantee you there are more than 10 people who believe in this vision.

That architect who came by had a nice vision as well. Just a shame they didn't welcome these kinds of ideas earlier.

We could have a lot of time to waste there butt-wheat, if this thing fails next Tuesday won't we?

Could you give me a synopsis of what the architect had to say?

The Spec mentiond a bit about it. I have plans here. I will see if the architect will email me soft copies to share.

I admire your dedication Larry.

Thanks Earl. I truly appreciate that. IT’s been a learning experience I tell you that. I have never read a 158 page city report, knew how to find a city report, how to apply to be a delegate at a council meeting, attending a full day council meeting, spoke at a council meeting, or ran a rally.

Just the people I have met and the conversations I have engaged in, have made this all worth it.

I just wish this hadn’t been the project that introduced me to all the things above. I would have liked to have been better at it. Losing is one thing, but making a game out of it is what makes the loss a little easier to swallow.

At least engaging in so much more ‘Ivor Wynne’ discussion, I think would have left a better feeling amongst Hamiltonians who appreciate what we have. They possibly would have felt better knowing that at least, peolple fought for it; and more than a half dozen.

People will read that Spec article and feel that there are few people in this city who actually want to save it. I failed because that is what people will talk about when they think of all of this as this ‘process’ winds down. That few people cared whether or not Ivor Wynne Stadium crubmled into dust.

I failed because you and I know, that whether peope truly believe it can be saved or not, that we agree on one thing. People truly and wholeheartedly, love that place.

It would have been nice through all of this, to have a heck of a lot more ‘what a ride’, than ‘its a dump and it has to go’.

Thanks again Earl.

As much as I have loved this ‘Save Ivor Wynne’ experience, I am looking forward to concentrating a little more on football, than where it’s going to be played going forward.

HUGE game this weekend!

I think people will talk more about it 20 or 30 years from now. I'm a bit sentimental about buildings that I associate with great memories. However, as much as I love going to Ticat games at IWS, I think going to Ticat games in a different facility will be better than no more Ticat games at all.

hahahaha....only 10 people showed up; this guys parents, brother,

I like Ivor Wynne too, but it is too expensive to maintain, and the Ticats can't make money there. No one is going to want to stay at a hotel on Cannon Street if they have a choice between that hotel and one downtown or on the mountain.

"Post Mortem" is appropriate for this thread as the idea of the Tiger Cats playing at Ivor Wynne Stadium is dead. The stadium doesn't have parking, visibility or accessibility the TiCats need to be financially viable.

I do agree safety, that seeing games for the next however many years is better than no team at all. It is a shame that it would have to come down to 'at least it's better than'. I think we can do so much better.

Bottom line, is rushing this decision because of government funding, going to create a quick fix, or an actually Legacy as a Pan Am Stadium is being billed?

If Quebec can get funding as is being proposed, for a new NHL facility, why couldn't Hamilton get a little of that without Pan Am?

Good points.
And, I, too, give you much kudos for standing up for this. I can't say that I'm in total agreement with your position, but I certainly have a great deal of respect for what your doing. It's an uphill battle, for sure, but I see a lot of merit in your ideas.

What it doesn’t mention drummer boy, is the people who rushed down after the news to talk. Maybe it was only a few more, but one guy who grew up right next to Ivor Wynne, was infuriated that saving Ivor Wynne wasn’t discussed. Upset that more people couldn’t have known about the rally, so it could have been given the proper attention and discussion that it deserved.

People who had ideas that I hadn’t heard or thought of before. That is the kind of discusison from real people and not some forum or website comment section, that would create something we can be proud of.

Talking to people. Face to face. Seeing their emotions. Hearing their passion.

This here, is just a bunch of text and many people hiding behind aliases. There are some very smart, passionate people on here. But there are also a lot of smart, passionate, innovated people ‘out there’ in the real world. That guy I talked to for half our was one of them.

I left that night not thinking of the fact that I only had a dozen or so people attend in short notice, but wishing that field could have been filled with people like him. People who have grown up in the heart of Hamilton (and in his case right next to the stadium), have worked very hard in their life to get to where they are today, and who see beyond much of the nonesense the media, the Cats, and the city have been feeding us.

Who realize their old ‘hood’, could be so much more if there was just someone out there who cared.

Ivor Wynne would be embarrased to have his name on that building, with the way it has been missmangaged. $9 million since the 70’s. Shows they take pride in the buildings in this city. Makes you wonder how they are taking care of Copps Colliseum.

We are having a hard enough time building a football stadium. Whould we even be able to ever get the funding to replace it, if and when it comes down to it. People in Windsor have to travel to Detroit to get their entertainment value and Windsor is a big city. We are very lucky in this ‘Little Big Town’ (Great tune by local guys The Responsibles), to have what we do. It’s a shame we don’t take care of our ‘vehicles’.

Thanks slodrive. I believe I have seen your handle around many forums (unless there are many slodrives :slight_smile: ), and your support is appreciated.

I don't want everyone to agree with me. Just for others to know that there are other options, and to hear what others think could happen with those lands.

Windsor did manage to get a new OHL facility built and it's well attended and the Univ of Windsor has a newish football field as well, small seating capacity but new. Of course in my books neither beat the CFL. Maybe if a new stadium is built, at least if they tear down IWS they can leave one little part of it up as a monument to it and have a plaque.

Ya, I have a friend in Windsor who is a die hard, season ticket holding fan. Wish we could get that kind of passion for the Bulldogs. It may not be the NHL, but those guys work their tails off trying to make the big leagues. It's rough, tough, fast paced, and a very affordable value for the family.

I know it's not the NHL, but how many family's could afford to be the fans they are for and NHL team?

I think it's great seeing some of the great players that are now playing in the NHL, develop here.

Perhaps the OHL is that much more popular, becuase you see the guys develop in that league that will go straight to the NHL. That are talented enough that they won't see playing time in the AHL?

Regardless, it would be nice to see at least the lower bowl packed for every game.

Funny that 30,319 people somehow found a way into IW without any parking or accessibilty on Labor day

How much money did the TiCats make from those parking spots?

Repeat these words: financial viability

Bingo, Stomp.