Post Mortem Aug 18th

I said I had a bad feeling about this game, and in this case, I hate it when I'm right. But my biggest concern was and still is that this team keeps showing up for games looking like they are not ready to play. Who should take the blame for that continuing? Let's see. Too many penalties killing big plays for us or allowing an opponent to sustain drives and score points that they don't really deserve. Too many turnovers. Careless ball handling. Bone-headed playcalling at boneheaded times. Marshall sounds like a broken record after every game when he talks about the mistakes that keep happening and we can't keep making them. It's like we are playing against two teams--ourselves and our opponent. OK, so is he the main problem? Has he lost this team or do we just need to show some more patience with him as he pays his dues as a head coach and creates a winning attitude with this team? Surely we can't get rid of all the players. Right now I'm not sure if Marshall is the answer here or if he's the biggest problem. I'm not sure if Berry is the right fit for Durant. Hall looks like he woke up and started gambling more to bring more pressure, and that seemed to keep Toronto off balance. All I know is that there are some fundamental things wrong with this team, and fans need to see some concrete answers, and soon. When a team fumbles and bumbles its way for 3 quarters of the game and then look like champs in the final quarter, to me they end up looking more like chumps than champs. Who is responsible for this or who is the most responbible? This team needs some upgrades to some of the player talent. Do we also need some upgrades to some of the coaching talent? Maybe so, but how do you do that in mid-season and realistically expect a dramatic turnaround this season? We can do some tweaking with player personnel and maybe revamp some schemes to keep opponents off balance. Maybe that allows us to shape some things up for the second half of the season and make a run at the playoffs. When the season ends, it will be time to seriously evaluate management, coaches, and players to see who should still be here next season. Fans deserve an all-out effort to make things better this season, and a strong committment to make things a lot better next season. GO RIDERS!!

Post Mortem Aug 19.....

Looks like management agrees.... I wonder what we will be saying after Labour Day?

I think we'll be saying that Coach Miller has taken hold of this team and inspired them to play better. It sure won't hurt to have some healthy players back and some fresh or returning talent either. The timing of this change was optimum because of the break and the fact that, notwithstanding how the Riders do against Winnipeg, they have 3 very important home games after that against BC and Toronto. If we can split with Winnipeg and sweep BC and Toronto, we are in the playoff hunt still. If we make the playoffs, anything is possible. We've seen this before. I still have hope for this team until they are mathematically eliminated. GO RIDERS!!

This season has not been a gong show like Mike Kelly, Bart Andrus or Jon Huard.

I've seen a lot of mistakes on the football field, and coaches have a responsibility for that, but 8 games? That stuff can be fixed.

I never saw a lack of effort. I never saw guys not up for games. I saw inconsistencies.

The only consistent problem on the field was a LACK OF TALENT.

Give this team a rush end and a kicker and they'd have 3 to 5 wins by now. So go ahead and fire the coach. Panic. Run around with your head cut off. Yea, that's always good for the organization.

If the Riders get say 2 real quick wins in the next 5 games OR say in the next 8 games have a number of wins (greater then 1 :roll: ) people will say we have a better record than what we had with Marshall. Winning games will go a long way to fans getting over the firing of Marshall.

Yah, mistakes were made on the football field, and they weren't being corrected. Does that fall to coaches, players, or both?
I agree that the players never quit, but they had a lot of trouble getting started. Does that fall to coaches, players, or both?
I agree that talent was and still is a little thin in places. We should have brought in more pass rushers. The NFL lockout may have made that more difficult, but I'm not making excuses for Taman. I would like to have seen us pick up a kicker like Medlock, but Hamilton got him. I think he is a good one for both the short and long term.

Sure the coaches have responsibility, but like I said, the only CONSISTENT problem on the field was a lack of talent. It far outweighed the other mistakes. I mean the penalties were really only ion the Toronto game. The BC game the penalties were all no yards from shanked punts. Then the brain dead time count in Week 5 before the half, other than that, penalties haven't been a big problem.

With all of its shortcomings, this team fought like hell. That reflects well on the coaching staff. Sure, sloppy play and digging yourself a hole for 3 quarters a couple of times can be marks against the coaches but 8 games?

This was not a Mike Kelly or Charlie Taaffe horror show. There negatives and positives. There were numerous positives. Was he the right man for the job? After 8 games we will never know.

Taman's had a year and a half to wreck this defense. Marshall got 8 games. That's what stinks.

I think Taman should have the rest of this season to prove that he can find some fresh new talent, especially on defense. That's a lot more time than Marshall got. If he can't make this happen, we need a fresh new well-connected GM along the lines of a Joe Womach or Eric Tillman, a good football man. Let this bright new GM find a fresh new HC along the lines of a Dickenson or Jones from Calgary. That way we finally get away from this business of recycled coaches and players. Miller probably needs to retire and get right out of the way so a bright new HC has a decent chance to build his own program. Just my opinion, but I think these are the kinds of things it will take to get this team back on track for the future.

I really hope the next HC comes from the offense side of the game. They seem to have the most success in this league.

I agree with you, so my first choice would be someone like Dave Dickenson. However, I wouldn't pass on his colleague Chris Jones if he was interested. I think he not only knows how to attack an offense, but he may also have some pretty good ideas on how to attack a good defense. I fear that neither one of these quality people would come to this "coaches graveyard" as long as "Coach Miller" is lurking in the background. Lots for Rider brass to ponder in the offseason