Post Labour Day Power Rankings

So, we're now half done the season, and while we haven't seen a ton of interdivision play the teams are starting to shape up.

  1. Calgary (8-1) - Have fought through injuries and are getting healthier now. Look poised to take the West division.
  2. Edmonton (7-2) - They've only lost to Calgary, and are pretty solid all around.
  3. Saskatchewan (7-2) - Could arguably have them #2, but they've lost to Toronto and BC, weaker teams than Calgary.
  4. Winnipeg (6-4) - They're 1-3 against the West which will hurt them if there's tiebreakers. Good bounce back season overall.
  5. BC (5-4) - They've beaten Calgary and Saskatchewan, yet lost to Montreal. A dangerous team.
  6. Toronto (3-7) - Need to get healthy, will continue to drop if they don't
  7. Hamilton (2-6) - Finally won a close game, have their starting QB back, in their new stadium, should continue to improve.
  8. Montreal (2-7) - Still have a good defense, about the only positive.
  9. Ottawa (1-8) - Expansion team struggling offensively

Here are my calculated power rankings, based on scores, home field advantage, and opponents' previous week power ranking.

  1. Calgary (0.950)
  2. Edmonton (0.822)
  3. Saskatchewan (0.704)
    4a. Winnipeg (0.545)
    4b. BC (0.542)
    6a. Hamilton (0.351)
    6b. Toronto (0.334)
  4. Montreal (0.106)
  5. Ottawa (0.053)

Pretty much the same as yours, except with Hamilton and Toronto flipped. But they're so close in ranking, it could go either way.

I nearly put Hamilton in 6th on mine as well. They've been hard luck losers this year, they easily could be .500 right now. Helps that Toronto is really banged up.

I have them a little different Dust;

  1. Calgary (8-1) - Most consistent team week to week
  2. Saskatchewan (7-2) - Won 6 in a row, 3 at home and 3 on the road. Next hottest team behind Calgary
  3. Edmonton (7-2) - Haven't played the Riders and haven't looked as strong. Worst of the top 3 but well ahead of 4th.
  4. (tie) Winnipeg (6-4), BC (5-4) - Bombers are 1-3 against the west and have struggled at times. BC is 2-3 and beaten better team than the Bombers but Winnipeg has beaten BC. Too close to call. Big game between these two in 2 weeks.
  5. Hamilton (2-6) - Decent D, have their #1 QB back and he had a good game. This team has the potential to blow by the Argos.
  6. Toronto (3-7) - D is Jekyll and Hyde and now the O is no guarantee to show up. Still not a lock for playoffs.
  7. Montreal (2-7) - Only in 8th because they beat Ottawa. Look up dysfunctional in the dictionary and you'll find the Als.
  8. Ottawa (1-8) - If they can get this offense together this year they can make the playoffs. If they could average 7 pts/game more than they currently have they would be 2nd in points in the east. Eastern teams should be very concerned about this team.

Toronto is playing hurt, but so is Hamilton.

Hamilton is without Veteran O.Linemen in Peter Dyakowski, Greg Wojt and Marc Dile, all still on the 6 game. The fact with got Joel Figueroa back was huge this game. That's been the story this season of Hamilton's lacklustre offensive production. It's been injuries and player losses on the line.

Our returner Brandon Banks and running back CJ Gable are also out, and of course our backup QB Dan LeFevour.

I see that Schultz gives the nod to Montreal over Hamilton as the better team so that would put the 'Cats in 8th spot if he were ranking them here. Me? From what I saw AT the game I would give Hamilton the slight nod over T.O. but that could have been due to the emotion of the game and a special day from the D. Montreal 8, Ottawa 9.

The west?

Edmonton/Sask - pick 'em (depends upon field and the day)
The Bombers and Lions - also pick 'em

Think about it for a second.

Schultz is an ex-Argo, of course he's going to dump on the Ti-Cats. He'd lose his alumni membership if he didn't. :wink:


Turkeybend rankings after Labour DAy

  1. Calgary Stamps- last time at #1 until Riders overtake them.
  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- hitting the groove at mid season and not yet in overdrive
  3. B.C. Lions- better than Winnipeg or Edmonton and Lulay is back. If Harris gets back to form watch out for them.
  4. Winterpeg Blue Bombers- Fading fast. Nice return to respectability though.
  5. Edmonton Eskimos- methinks the nosedive will continue. And, once the coach gets mad players will abandon calm cool and collected which leads to more frustration.
  6. None of the Eastern teams deserve to be 6 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Toronto Argos- just a hunch that after injuries heal Ray will do better than Colleros.
  8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- read above
  9. Montreal Alouettes - it will be a long season. Too many assist. coaches.
  10. Ottawa Redblacks- hoping they survive respectability for their long waiting fans. Good luck Ottawa - pulling for you! If injuries mount bring back Bobby Simpson and Ronnie Stewart!!!
:cowboy: :wink:

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