Post is too Similar

How come the forum software tries to prevent you from sending a PM to more than 1 poster?
It always gives an error message that "post is too similar" and refuses to send it

Laughably even changing a single character (insert an extra space, or extra punctuation mark, or add/delete a single letter) and suddenly it is "unique" enough to allow it to be sent

This has to be a forum bug right? Is there any way we could disable it outright (eg in scenario where I message 2 different posters) or if there is a valid concern about messages being too similar why change 1 single character is making it better somehow?

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I don’t think I have tried what you are saying doesn’t work, but I have successfully sent a PM to more than one person by addressing them using @ and their name and they have received the PM so you might want to try that for now until any glitch is fixed.


We'll look into it, but none of us are software gurus, so we ... might be looking a long time. :smiley:

You have 24 hours to comply [ED209 voice over]


Naw it just seemed like a strange / random bug

Try PM someone then PM someone else the same thing
I am (guessing) its a spam filter? Who knows?