Post How You Would Fix 2018

Firing everybody during the season is not going to help the team win games this year. All a firing would do is reset the team to training camp status. Plus, it reinforces the perception of both incompetence and instability lessening the chance anybody decent will ever come to Montreal.

Want to replace ________? Who would you realistically put in his place, and would that change help the team win or at least become more competitive?

Rick Moffat suggested bringing in a neg list quarterback (Ken Hill Jr.) and trying out a new kicker.

In recent years, the Bombers, Argos and Ti-Cats have all done a 180. How can the Als do it?

There aren't many options during the season. You have to hire people who are unemployed, or who could get out of their job to join the Als.

It would be desperate, but Johnny would try to get Kent Austin as HC and GM. He wouldn't be a great choice, but he would be better than what we have now. Austin could also have an influence on the offense. Johnny would let Austin bring in his own people to fill out his staff. Some coaches would get fired and the team would be paying a lot of people to stay at home.

Johnny does not believe it will happen.

1.You have to write off the 2018 season.(You cannot fix it)
2.they are finding themselves as a franchise on/off the field.(Be patient)
3.DO NOT TRADE The 1st Round pick (Betts,Gittens,Simba,Thomassin,Malaya,Desjardins) too many
potential options on the table.This draft is stacked. Don't blow it.
4.Trade Williams,Sutton,Blake for draft picks in August.Al's don't have 2nd round pick.Have 2 3rd picks.Bulk up the options for the next GM.
5.Mid-August start pruning your team so new players can get reps on field.
6.Wetenhall has to start the process of management renewal by Labor Day.(Keep on eye on Shawn Burke(Hamilton),Jean Marc-Edme(Ottawa),Danny McManus(Winnipeg) as candidates).
7.Wetenhall's have to declare their intentions on ownership.Do they sell to local interests(Molsons?).

Good post with a plan on how to turn things around. By the way, how did you know Ken Hill Jr and Devante Kincaid were on the Als neg list? That information was not never released publicly. I do suspect however that Kincaid has since been dropped which is why he is now playing indoor football.

Obviously, Rick Moffat knew beforehand that Ken Hill Jr was signing. Maybe Hill's imminent arrival was the reason Antonio Pipkin was released.

De'Mornay Pierson-El is a kick returner/receiver who recently got a look from the Redskins at their rookie camp.

Als listed Spencer Damm's college wrong. I do not believe Damm was not invited to any NFL rookie camp.

Herb Zurkowsky posted that Xavier Fulton was getting some reps at RT.

Even though Zurkowsky wrote differently last week, he said the Als are considering signing Vernon Adams Jr.

Good points.

In regard to point # 4, I would add Logan and Cox as well. In fact I would listen to all possibilities that came their way and weight the options.

Point 7. Wettenhal JR was on TSN690 about a week or so ago. He said they have been here for 21 years and have no intention of selling. Of course, attitude may change given how the season plays out and if they were to get an offer they could not refuse.
Not sure Molson would venture into the mix. He has enough on his plate right now given the state of his hockey club. Not to mention they will be in the process of building a new brewery in Longueuil.

I agree with all your points.

As for point 7, I am wondering whether local businessmen involved in the project to bring back the Expos would be interested in buying the Alouettes (e.g. Mitch Garber)

Garber is a baseball guy. Can not see him getting involved.

Trying to get a baseball club back in Montreal is going to cost a few $$$’s.

Only change worth making is at GM ... they can start to turn over the roster/bring in youngsters for "live action tryouts. But that move is worthwhile only IF you are willing to commit to 3-4 years with the new hire, which limits the options to out-of-work "veteran GMs". Likely best to just tough it out and put controls in place to ensure panic "this year" moves are not made.

Simple (but not simple) - Kavis, Joe, Catlin & Miles from football operations should be all be gone ..... at least that will send a message change is in the wind. But it won't happen.....The only option I see is to sell the team and completely clean house, then ciontract qualified people to run this organization & be honest with the fans ....No More Window Dressing Please.......

I agree. The problem is they won't sell. I think I know why. Wetenhall sold his shares in the Patriots early and lost hundreds of millions dollars he would have made, had he been more patient. He probably thinks at some point in the next decade or two the CFL will pickup a lot in value.

If the Wetenhall won't go away. the only change that makes sense is hiring a new GM, because he will want all his own staff anyway.

2018 draft was a great success and Miles Gorrel should not be blamed for the Als problems.

OMG --- its Eric D that found the National talent.... Both he & Mack have got to go........we have nothing nothing nothing. (period)

If Austin, Barker or someone else currently available is considered a viable GM then hire them and give them a head-start on training camp 2019.

Dump Willy and Matthews and give youngsters the reps at QB ... maybe even some sort of rotation ... don't commit to any of them this year ... we need to see lots of all of them in game settings to assess them.

As long as you employ Kavis Reid there's nothing to salvage. If removing him is a blow up then blow it up.

I've been an Als fan since 1979. For the beginning of my fandom the Als were an embarrassment, then they died and resurrected and we had so many great years with AC and co. Now we are back to embarrassment on the field and off. I find it absolutely maddening that after 2 games we have no hope and surprise, surprise, Kavis did nothing in the offseason to improve this team. The only way this gets better is if Wettenhall cans Kavis ASAP. How he was ever let near the GM job in the first place is a good question. But he needs to go immediately. Nothing can possibly improve until this happens, Kavis is incompetent and seems to think Willy is a good as it gets. Where are all the undrafted NFL QBS?? why have we not gone after any?

It's a mixed bag. Reed did a good job with rebuilding the Canadian content in the off season. Where it breaks down is the lack of relationships/contacts. That's why he hire Joe Mack and retain Lande. Sherman had a reputation for pissing off his own scouts and it looks like he's not too connected either.

The other area where that has consistently failed him, is his attachment to the "warm and fuzz". Football teams needs some badass, they can't all be azzkissers.

I think Kenny Hill and Vernon Adams are good signings. Get ride of the statues and start developing some young QB's. They should also bring in Damon Allen or a Jeff Garcia to coach them. They need a guy who is fully dedicated and can connect with these kids.

Dump kavis Reed and get Jim Barker, cut Logan and insert a Young gun cut Willy hes proven hes not the future.

À mon humble avis, je ne vois pas comment les Wetenhall pourraient réussir à ramener cette équipe vers la respectabilité. Toutes les décisions qu'ils ont prises depuis le départ de Trestman ont été désastreuses.

Le paroxysme est venu lorsque, ayant passé Brock Sunderland en entrevue, ils ne lui ont pas confié la liberté qu'il demandait pour redresser l'équipe et ont opté pour un gars qui n'avait jamais fait ce travail. Nous subissons les effets d'avoir mis en poste quelqu'un qui n'était pas prêt pour l'assumer.

Pour commencer, il faut un nouveau DG qui a un bon réseau de dépistage aux USA et qui est lui-même un bon évaluateur de talent. J'aimerais bien dire qui précisément, mais mes connaissances sur le monde de la NCAA sont très limitées. Je verrais bien Tom Clements prendre ce poste, mais je doute qu'il quitte la NFL pour un pari aussi risqué que les Alouettes. Parmi les autres équipes de la LCF, je doute que qui que ce soit veuille travailler à Montréal. Danny McMannus me semblerait un bon candidat, mais il sera difficile à convaincre. Je préférerais tout de même un gars plus jeune qui a fait du dépistage aux USA et qui a trouvé de bons jeunes joueurs. Pour moi, c'est le signed'un bonjugement sur le talent et le potentiel des joueurs, qualité première qu'on espère d'un bon DG. Je n'ai malheureusement pas de nom précis à donner.

Il faudra ensuite que ce DG restructure l'équipe de dépistage au complet. C'estun point névralgique et l'équipe en place a des lacunes. Je ne suis pas convaincu que Austin ou Barker sont de véritables solutions d'avenir, mais disons que sur le gars en place, ils constitueraient certainement une progression.

Je ne sais pas dans quelle mesure Mike Sherman pourrait prendre le poste, mais il a déjà été DG et il a beaucoup de contacts dans la NCAA.

En terminant, je ne vois aucun avenir pour les Alouettes tant que Khari Jones et Rich Stubler seront les coordonnateurs. Jones n'a dirigé que sporadiquement une bonne attaque et généralement sous performé compte tenu des gars qu'il avait sous la main. Les défensives de Stubler ont fait leur temps, tout le monde sait comment les déjouer. À moins d'avoir des joueurs d'élite à toutes les positions et même comme substituts, il ne permettra pas à son équipe de compter sur une défensive efficace.

Barker built a hell of a scouting team in Toronto. So good they all left for the NFL.

Andrew Wetenhall has to be either totally stupid or totally stubborn not to realize Kavis is not the answer as a GM.

So which is it Andrew?

I laughed when Andrew praised Kavis for getting the new practice field and upgrading the dressing room. Aren`t these things the Wetenhalls themselves should have done years ago?

Joe Mack and Russ Lande are also totally useless. Never mind QB, can you name any significant American they have brought in the last 2 seasons?

My choice for the new GM would be Redblacks Asst. GM Jeremy Snyder. He`s followed a similar path as Sunderland. But probably is too logical a choice for Andrew.

In the meantime:

Go Als Go!

Go Kavis Go! Away! Away!