Post Grey Cup attention huge south of border

This morning the Grey Cup was making a big hit south of the border. ESPN had highlights and even a panel discussion. NFLnetwork. Fox Sports 1 with one of their host saying it was one of the better sports moments of their live (I believe she was from Ottawa)

It was on Mad Dog Sports Radio for approx 15 minutes.

Twitter reaction from sports personalities and athletes. Including some who asked the CFL to expand tot he USA.

Joe Theismann was interviewed on ESPN and had a great interview about last nights game and the overall experience of the Grey Cup and CFL.

Las Vegas apparently got massive interest with even the game being shown in theatres at the Las Vegas Westgate theatre which I think is the Barry Manilow theatre.

Terrific way to end the 2016 CFL season.

The game itself was off the hook entertaining but the biggest factor is that it's still affordable to the average fan and a helluva party.