Post Games interviews

Just saw the post game interviews that have been uploaded. My question is why are there 2 Calgary interviews on there and only 1 Cats interview. This is the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Website, NOT the Calgary website!
Come on guys show your OWN players instead of the other teams! Local boy or not, you should have Ti-Cat Players doing interviews, especially on a Tiger-Cat website!
I felt that was a litle insulting, especially after yesterdays loss! :thdn:

Sorry there are 2 Ti-Cat palyers interviews and both coach's. But like I said this is the Hamilton Tiger-Cat website, not Calgary! Just my thoughts but if i wanted to see a Calgary players being interviewd, I would go to there website!

I'm not sure I want to see an interview of a Ticat player. What are they going to say? "yeah...we came out and really sucked" I imagine they would be in no mood to discuss yet another loss.

Agree Wallace.

Is there any real difference in anything ever said in post game interviews?

Valid point, but still they should,nt have Calgary interviews on the Ti-Cat website! If the players are to upset for interviews, how do they think the fans feel. Then to watch the Stamp players gloute, thats a kick in the pants to us fans!

What should I say after we lost the game becuase we could not tackle or block or run the ball. Call it the way it is and promise to fix the problem. Simple as that!

I don't get how everyone can claim we sucked so bad yesterday. I thought for the most part our defense did a pretty good job. Glenn had a pretty good game, yes our run game sucks a$$ but hell every team has a weakness. We'll get better, I think for whatever reason Hamilton just has a lot of very passionate fans who frankly love to whine far too much if the team doesn't play absolutely perfectly. I saw a dude whine earlier about Stala going down too easy, the dude catches bloody everything thrown at him. We'd be demented to ever bench him IMHO. Who cares if he goes down easy, you want him when you need 10 yards, and you want someone we can catch the damn ball.

I guess because I haven't lived in southern Ontario for so long it bothers me to see so many fans jumping on and off the bandwagon and cry about not going to games anymore. When I would have loved to of gone to yesterdays game, win or lose the CFL is exciting football.

post game interviews for a lossing team will always be same thing and i think COach MB and Glenn showed that with KG's "i just dont want to talk about that right now its so frustrating" and MB's body language and tone of voice looking and sounding so pissed off like 'really your interviewing me now!?!?!" lol but really i cant blame them. as for interviewing the other team players they usually do that win or lose. the main time that sticks out for me last year is when we beat edmonton at home and they interview ricky ray and coach hall(?).

i doubt all hope should be given up the team this early although i wount hide that i am scared after losing 2 consecutive games (and the first two game of the season) although within those two weeks i have seen great improvement upfront (both lines) now in football games i only watch the box (so the 7 defenders and our O-line) because that is what i know best and hamilton O line although struggles on the run it was better this week (although not by much, it was still an improvement) i feel if that gets better we still can try for the 1st and 2nd spot in the devision. Also, i feel that marshall is doing a great job with the front seven with mixing up blitzing showing 4,5,6 or 7 and actually blitzing any of these guys (which should be expected) he does a good job on this and we can obviously see that this is doing wounders as i feel our defence has been giving more pressure on QBs compared to last year. i know we only showed 1 sack in stats but i saw more like 4 maybe even 5 that should have been. my one major criticism is our run defence. week 1 vs win was 211 yards and this week had 139 yards given up. although there is a noticeable improvement, i believe this improvement is mainly due to the amount of successful offence in week 2. if we work on getting better against the run, i think we will have a much more successful defence.

lastly as a player i know coaching is important but what is equally important. what i mean to say is that i hear so much criticism on MB's coaching and play calling which i dont believe is right. who should get the team motivated? who should get get the point scored? who should make plays successfull. in my mind the players are the answer all these questions. and what i saw from MB is faith. faith in his offence to score touchdowns from the 1 yard line. faith in his kicker to score field goals and faith in his defence to stop the opponent quickly after the failed touchdown fromt he 1 and get the offense in good position to get 3 or 7 and to stop calgary from getting the game winning field goal at the end of the game.

Therefore, i blame the players for not doing what they could have to win the game. (which sounds worse than i mean)

There are six interviews total - three from Calgary (John Hufnagel, Henry Burris and Rob Maver) and three from the Tiger-Cats (Marcel Bellefeuille, Kevin Glenn and Marcus Thigpen).

Vist this link ( and click 'Recaps' to see all six interviews.

If you don't want to watch the Stampeders postgame comments, you can simply avoid clicking on them.

8) Good reply !! I agree wholeheartedly. I for one enjoy seeing interviews from both respective teams.
 Keep it up !!    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

How about an interview from the refs to explain some of those calls?

Ummmm,you know you don't have to click on it,don't you?

Marcel Bellfeuille looked teary eyed and extremely despondent in his interview. Later it was reported that the
tears were a function of his contact lenses. I doubt that. The man had every reason to cry, particularly in
view of the fact that the next 3 games on their schedule are Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Montreal.

Winnipeg already beat the stuffing out of the Ticats and Sask and the Als are better teams.

We're only two games into the schedule, and the "Hamilton Hex" continues. I suppose that being
this early in the season, as a fan, I should show optimism, but this team is just too damn predictable.

Get to work, boys!

Look, let’s face it this is a game we had to have had, enough said, he needs to be despondent. Time to move on, we need to win the next one, if not 2 and I know that means winning in Montreal, well, so it be said. Marcel, time to step up , yo messed up with this past f up here.