Post game thread

What has become of Russ?

Stupid penalties and Special teams were brutal tonight

Tolliver had two TDs and over 180 receiving yards. Zach had 439 passing yards, three TD passes, no INTs (interestingly a successful challenge took an INT off the board for him again.) Despite some great performances, the losing streak against Calgary continues. Penalties, in the first half in particular, were costly and I'm sure penalties will be discussed in this thread. But the secondary still looks like a weakness on this team.

That's about all I have to say about this game for now.

I also miss Russ.

I am frustrated right now so be aware some negatives are incoming.

-Special teams units has taken any fun out of a Speedy B return because they always seem to get called for a penalty of some sort, and although Maher was money on FGs, that onside kick was brutal you just can't do that, that is the one thing you can't do.

-The defensive backfield just seems soft, we get beat for jumps balls time and time again, plus I don't know how many times I saw Dean or Simoni cleaning up on missed tackles by our d-backs. Sermons has not impressed me at all, that first TD was bad he won't have fun watching that again in the film room

-Not that it ultimately mattered, but why in the world do you go for a two-pt convert when you're down by 11 with the clock running out, I am still trying to figure out the upside other than either hoping you end up winning by 1 instead of tying with a field goal, or trying to play for a single point for the tie with another converted touchdown ...I don't I am confused just typing this trying to figure it out.

-Penalties, penalties, penalties, just killed ourselves tonight over and over and over and over and over etc.

-We still need to establish an actual running attack, CJ ran the ball 4 times tonight ...doesn't help CJ also dropped three very catchable passes but I feel like Kent doesn't allow CJ to get into a rhythm early in a game.

Alright I think I am done with my super serious bullet points, in the grand scheme of things we competed with the best team in the league and Zach had a hell of a game aside from the ugly pick that thankfully got called back. This team is a very good team and the offence has potential to be lights out but just feel like the team is holding themselves back from being great with silly mistakes. The East has been playing bad football as of late and Cats could have established themselves heading into Labour Day and if we swept the Argos could have been sitting pretty at 7-4. Now we got to hope for a 6-5 record and the team starts to hit their stride heading into the playoffs, as we all know it's not about who starts the season hot.

Lots to clean up heading into LDC but I hope we go tear the Arblows a new in the next couple weeks and stake our claim for first in the East. Some huge games coming up down the stretch against Toronto and Ottawa, I can't wait.

Toliver is a monster, he just keeps getting better and better every game he plays. Also Zach can torch any team in this league, but bad field position really screwed the offence over tonight. They would have finished a lot more drives with points if they didn’t have to dig themselves out of a hole nearly every possession.

Just heard Tasker already has 61 catches this year, that is insane. Our receiving corps is unbelievable I’d take ours over everyone else in the league besides MAYBE Edmonton but I feel like we have more depth while they have more flash with Bowman and Walker.

A good team, the league's best, defeated a very undisciplined mediocre team, which does appear to be getting better. They certainly don't give up. Their coaching staff seems to be very good at finding challengeable, uncalled infractions but call for 2-pt. convert attempts, at times, which I just don't understand -- i.e. -- a TD, with 4:19 left in the game, has them losing by 11 pts. and they go for 2. How can that thinking be explained? Did they think success would give them a chance to kick 3 field goals to tie it up and that scenario would be more likely than 1 field goal and 1 TD, in the time remaining? Fortunately, that decision and their failure on that 2-pt. attempt didn't cost them the game. Some day, that kind of thinking will!

It seemed to me that Austin was very, very rarely heard on the "open mike." Did he decide to go quiet throughout or is there any chance he decided to "spice up" his language every time he said something to keep his words un-airable?

2nd time this month the club has taken the field with a chance to take over first place, in the East, and failed. Disappointed. Not surprised.

I think the idea behind the two-point conversion was that if they got it, they'd be trailing by nine, so could win with a TD and FG. But if they missed it, they'd be behind by eleven, a TD with a two-pointer and a FG to tie. Going for one at that point says you're playing for the tie - not really Austin's style, is it?

If I'd had bought a ticket for that game the catches Toliver made were worth the price of the ticket. He was always a good receiver now he's grown into a great receiver. Opposition teams are really going to worry about this guy. :thup: :cowboy:

I wonder who Toliver was saving that football for from his first TD. Had to be for someone the way he hung onto it like that.

In regards to the 2 pt conversion attempt, did anybody else notice that the game clock ran down during that 2 pt attempt? I thought that any conversions, 1 or 2 point, were run in dead time. When they scored the last TD and went for the 2 pt conversion, no time expired from the game clock. Those 20-30 seconds or so would have been nice to have at the end of the game.

OK - I know down by 9 at halftime isn't too bad - but even though we outscored the hapless Riders by 23 in the first half last week - overall we have now been outscored 149 - 87 in the first half of ball games this season (if my math is right).

That's brutal.

The clock runs whistle to whistle until the three minute warning in each half. Including during converts.

Article 3 – Time Out Time shall start when the ball is touched following the kickoff at the start of a half, or after a scoring play, and shall continue until the ball is ruled dead and an official signals to the timekeeper that time shall stop for any of the following reasons:
  • When a score has been made
  • When the ball goes Out of Bounds
  • When a forward pass is incomplete
  • For the application of penalties
  • For player substitution
  • For delay caused by player injury
  • When time expires at the end of each period
  • When the ball becomes dead after the three-minute warning has been given
    in any half
  • When a player or head coach requests a team timeout
  • For a convert attempt during the last three minutes of a half
  • When the Referee deems it necessary to suspend play.

A few thoughts

  • Penalties killed any momentum that the team had or gave the opposition momentum extending drives that they had stopped. Have to wonder what they might have done with some of the time that they used to score that first TD. Couldn't believe that they backed themselves up from about the 3 yard line to the 20 (at least) but fortunately they did get the score,

  • Toliver is a BEAST - intended to put him on my fantasy team this week but had too much else going on so didn't make any changes as I knew all the players I had chosen would be involved in games.

  • Zach seemed to have to deal with more pressure - not a good indication of the strength of our OL against a good DL.

  • There are some problems on defense still especially in the secondary. Opposing receivers have far too much room to catch the ball and there is still some shoddy tackling or tossing oneself at the receiver and hoping to bring him down when all he has to do is sidestep and continue to pick up YAC.

  • Disappointed with the loss. I thought they could hang with the "big boys" but they aren't there yet.

Kim Murphy, the Angry Garden Gnome, stuck it to the Cats, again. At times it seemed there was only one team on the field when the flags were flying. It reminded me of the old days when the Cats would travel to Regina. Usually the score was 10-0 before the opening kickoff, thanks to referee Paul Dojack. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I know I may take some flack for this, but I find Kent Austin a very over rated HC. His offensive game planning leaves a lot to be desired. It has to be one of the most predictable I have ever seen. Every week I find myself correctly guessing many plays on a drive. There has been zero run game and very little utilization of the RB period ever since he took over. The team is constantly out coached, out played, lack discipline and come in very unmotivated in the first half. That sore of thing is all on coaching. I know this league is a passing league, but in order to win you still need a decent run game.

What happened to our defense?? All the stats said that the best way to beat Calgary was to “blitz” and put huge pressure on the QB…hell they beat us long anyway so why not…they did improve a little in the 2nd half. Special teams put me asleep but in the most part the offense looked very good ( except that Gable can’t catch )…well done Zach!!

I just finished rewatching the game...
Kim Murphy has become the "new" Jake Ireland.
These lop-side flag fests must be dealt with by the CFL.
Did Hamilton deserve all the calls they got ?
For the most part, yes they did.
But my question remains.."why" did Calgary get so many "non-calls ?"
I saw a ton of them and it is total b/s..period. :thdn:

They did attempt to pass to Gable out of the backfield a few times, unsuccessfully. Hard for a back to get into any kind of groove when he gets as few touches per week as Gable does.

I was so jealous of Winnipeg’s first down production on the ground the other day, it’s not even funny.

With the blue team now at BMO, and Rogers not wanting the CFL to sully the natural grass under the dome, it seems that barring a Montreal game at the Big O or a crossover visit to BC Place, every Ticat playoff game this year will be played outdoors.

Habs Fan: I don't think he is that good a coach/leader either. What we need are plays that flood the 5-15 yard attack box with receivers, or a running game to stop the predominate blitz defence the Cats face. Where are they?

Also, I haven't gone back and looked at Speedy B returns but, is it possible that the opposition has started to employ the NBA/soccer DIVE to negate runbacks? The refs announce the jersey # of the supposed offender, but never the guy's that was supposedly blocked. Remember, it was a guy from the Stumps that admitted to diving that cost 'B' a TD and the Cats the 2014 Grey Cup. And he was proud of it! That to me is unsportsman like conduct.

Gable should be cut!!!

Gable had 5 passes to him, dropped 3! It would have been nice if he caught the ball!
He was 2 of 5 receiving for 6 yrds to go with 4 carries on the ground for 25yrds.
We are getting very little Offense from Gable, on the ground or receiving and haven’t for a long time now.