post game thoughts?...

Just wondering what people thought of the game?

my observations:

  1. Can't wait till Dominguez is back cuz him and Bowman will make a nice one two WR core

  2. Chick is simpley awesome

  3. Cates won't win a rushing title but he'll be close to the lead for yards from scrimmage.

  4. Crandell looked shakey for a bit but seemed to come out of it...still a little iffy about him though

  5. James

JJ is my hero lol Wes cates looked awsome didnt see much of Flick, Fantuz was there when needed, Chick and Jones both looked awsome lots of pressure on Wicky Way. Crandell has flashes of genius I think he will get better with time that pass to bowman was amazing. Crandell isnt much of a runner and thats gonna take some time to get used to.

So, uh... who the hell is this Bowman guy? I don't remember him last year, but it looks like he had a great game tonight.

And I agree with you about Crandell. His stats look ago (2 picks aside), but I'm still not ready to jump off the fence just yet...

[quote="Chief"]So, uh... who the hell is this Bowman guy? I don't remember him last year, but it looks like he had a great game tonight.

Bowman played for Oklahoma state and was touted to go in the top 5 in the NFL draft but a bad game at the senior bowl and being charged with possession of marijuna in the states....means he went undrafted and signed with the riders.....

Don't worry he'll tear up the CFL this year then be back down south were he wants to be next year

That'd be a real shame. 112 yards and a TD in his first CFL game. Pretty impressive.

2 men of the game from me. 1 O, 1 D-
Cates, wow! he looked great… that awesome catch over the back, the great runs, and the blocking! Johnson, his 2 pics (in my mind) negate and get Crandels 2 ints ‘off the hook’ he timed both catches well.


Crandel very nice touch on the ball. Needs to play more with his option handoffs, but it’ll get there. His Consistancy will be the rollercoster of emotion this season.
Fantuz was where he needed to be blocking or making the chain gang move solid performance.
Bowman, i see your faster than that. Lets see you light it up eh? - nice showing thus far.
I liked seeing Hughs get the ball. It created a bit more dynamix to the ground attack and squeez the D in. They may not look like much but their important plays none-the-less.
Eddie Davis and Omarr Morgan have upgraded the communication on the D this year. The D Line exceeded my expectation. The D played a great bend but don’t break game…

Players i got ?'s around include;
Sean Lucas i felt was caught out of position a bit much and his hips turning slightly would’ve made all the difference ( something hunt is great at )
;and Dressler. Although i like him, and nothing in the bad happend around him im just curious wondering when im going to see some fireworks from him.

Very excited here in Vic BC =)

You know what was impressive about Bowman though, was his attitude. I remember seeing an interview with him where he was asked, "How are you dealing with the fact that you could be a multimillionaire right now, but because of a drug-possession charge you are only playing in the CFL for a fraction of what you would have made in the NFL?" (not the exact question)

His response was that "There was never any guarantee that I'd be making millions of dollars right now. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and I'm happy to be a part of the team and want to do my best."

Granted the "I'm just happy to be here and be a part of the team," bit is a cliche, but when he said it, it sounded like he meant it.

The way I see the Riders this year is the same as it was last year. We are strong in a number of areas, weaker in some, but it is a team effort and the guys are really working well together. Last year and this year it is truly by COMMITTEE with the Riders. We have recveived absolutley no respect from the national media and other fans. But from what I saw tonight, The COMMITTEE is truly strong and our Riders will make alot of noise before this season is over. After all we are the defending Champions and we deserve respect!!!!!!!!!!!!

defensive game scheme was awesome. Truly a TEAM EFFORT in every sense of the word!!
Gosh, if we beat B.C. in their own building- wow that will be tough for them to swallow.
Go Riders Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I love the way the national media wrote us off again this year!!!!

I feel like our secondary needs to step up a little bit. I didn't like Lucas last year and I still don't like him now, altho the only time he didn't perform was when he was covering Tucker wich is a miss match. I think Frazer is probably the weak link of that group.

I think the secondary is rock solid except for frazer...and he's still not that bad (looked terrible on that attempted pick though).

Another player who probably surprised me more than anything and had huge hole to fill was Anton Macenzie...thought he did awesome rushing Ray and laid some pretty good hits on people....

Super excited to see what happens when our starting offense next week looks like this

WR - Bowman
SB - Flick
QB - Crandell
RB - Cates
SB - Fantuz
WR - Dominguez

Who do you cover?

Rush Crandell.

Ya just couldn't let me enjoy it for a bit could playing like this all year, and it's Rookie of the Year! Was hoping Dressler could have broken one...oh well, next week!

Sorry... :oops:

You guys do have a lot of offensive threats. But like I was saying in another topic, the receiving corps is only as good as the QB. If a team can rush Crandell, if won't matter how many weapons you guys have.

But I do wish you guys success.

(Honestly, I think the Riders are in a tie with Hamilton for my second favourite team.)

Ya i think Hamilton is everyones second favourite team actually.....they've taken over our spot as the loveable losers.

WHich frankly they can keep....but i think montreal is destined for that title in a few years.

If you guys got better pass protection and another outside'd be in the race for top spot....IMO

THe coaching staff is not stupid. They are prepared for that and so is Crandell.

Crandell has MANY targets. He will be able to get rid of the ball quickly. I would not be surprised if he has audibles ready for blitzing situations.

Many targets + pocket passer = Unblitzable! (a bit of an overstatement). Ricky Ray is the same way. So is Calvillo. These QBs have a lot of targets and they do NOT fear the blitz because they can get rid of the ball quickly and accurately. QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY!

Good game by the defense. They appear to have picked up where they left off.

The offense needs to step it up big time. I am not sure if that is a result of Crandell not playing much during the pre-season or if it is his standard of play. But the riders can't afford to have the offense take over half of the game off. The only part of the offense that appeared to play well the whole game was the o-line.

Special teams played well on both sides of the ball. Would like to see more some excitement by the return game but will be happy with a solid return game.

Agree, I am still not sold on our return game. I think Dressler is fine, but we seldom get the blocking in place.

Who did they dress extra last night. They mentioned half way through the first quarter they only dressed Cates and Hughes, so where did they pick up the extra player was it reciever or db.

I know it wasn't on the d-line as flemmons sat.