Post Game thoughts

WPG 39 - EDM 39

Glenn played the best game I've seen him play. Anyone doubting him before had to be impressed. He threw the ball hard and accurate, and was even going deep often. This wasn't the predictable offence of years past, and I for one loved it. Let's hope Glenn can build off this.

The recievers looked awesome, great catches. I really like the trio of Stegall, Armstrong and Edwards, Brazzell I'm still not that high on.

Roberts - 4 TD's 'nuff said. Only thing I didn't like with him is he made me choke on my beer when he broke for that 55 yarder!

Was anyone else disappointed with the rush D? I mean we were talking about being a force to run against, and give up 150 yards in game 1?? Many missed tackles, but man did Jenkins have a helluva game. Very impressed with him.

Secondary was suspect as well, especially in the first half when Ray threw at will. Fulbright looked pretty bad on a few plays I thought.

I don't even want to waste time talking about Westwood, but if he doesn't have a big game here on the 5th, you know the fans will give it to him big time

Over all, I love that our offence can actually win a game when the D looks soft. If those guys can get it together, we'll have a great season!

davin Bush will be the difference maker in those types of games... ray new fullbright was the weak link and exploited it.... damn good QB he is

Glenn was awesome... im pretty excited for edwards

after watching that game i really think we should move hebert back at afety, start jenkins on the weakside, and really give er to try and sign charlton when and if hes cut... and bring in Bolden

defence will be VERY solid then, and as for the ratio, cut trade or bench brazzell, dont need his high salary and unconsistancy. although... he was finally putting himself out there... it was good. but start wilson and jaimie for the ratio, 4 guys on the o-line and dougie brown

i was VERY dissapointed in nate davis, looks like red05 was correct, and many rider fans.. put in haywood

i was also disapointed in Hall fullbright and westy

im confident in picard as a back up... but cant wai till obbys back...

Offense looked good, Picard at centre did pretty well, I like the depth on the oline this year. Obby back in at centre next game will provide more of a push and open some holes for the running game, but even if he can't go Picard is a capable back up.

Cartwrights first game as the OC calling the plays did a real good job and Glenn calling the plays in the hurry up resulted in the TD drive at the end. That bodes well for the rest of the season. Don't forget, they only had 4 days to prep for this game, so things look very bright.

Defense, poor Fullbright, but cut the rookie some slack and he is afterall a back up. Bush better get back soon. The safety spot remains unsettled, looks like Hebert goes back and Hall goes in at LB. They seemed to settle down somewhat in the second half, I couldn't tell who was playing where in the secondary, sometimes I saw Logan out there sometimes it was Nugent.

Marshall will get things straightened out, I'm not worried because the talent is there, it's just a matter of getting guys comfortable with eachother. The front 7 and 4 in particular looked slow all night, could just have been the natural grass field and the lack of stunts, again only 4 days prep time for them.

Special teams, not much good to say here, although Baird made a huge tackle on Tompkins late in the game to pin them deep. AJ looked like he was still nursing that hammy injury, he usually has a little more pop than that. Fleming out kicked Flemming, our Fleming that is had a 49 yard average, so I'm not too sure why many folks are complaining about him, he didn't shank any that I can recall and consistancy is crucial in punting. Westwood, I don't know, the guy is money from inside 40 yards but beyond is crap shoot. In fairness his misses were 49, 50, 54 on a wet grass field into a swirling wind, I think people are making too much of his misses. But a repeat performance of this can not happen. I think we will see another kicker brought in soon.

Next up the Als, who looked woeful on offense against the Riders. It will be easier to scheme for this game, since we have some film on them and Bellfools offense is a predictable as the setting sun.

winnipeg looks like the best team in the far.

jury is still out on toronto, cuz they looked good, even in a loss, and woulda won had prefontaine not gotten injured ( coulda kicked that 45 yarder at the end )....torontos D held dickenson to zero TD passes and a pick....they were great against the run, and the kick return game looked amazing.....i liked all of torontos game, exept keepin damon in 1 QTR too long.

so i feel the race in the east will be winnipeg and toronto.

both have great defences ( altho winnipegs didnt show up in game 1 ), both have amazing receivers, both have good kick returners...winnipeg has the better RB tho.

im assuming the ticats wont be a threat to take first...altho they may steal the 3rd spot from montreal, who was woeful at best in week 1.

Listened to the game on internet radio. Saw highlights after. Looked dam exciting! Now if the defense can step up we'll really be in shape to go all the way!

I think it’s time for Allen to step aside. He’s still got some game in him but I think TO would be in better shape if they changed their starter.

Having been a Kevin Glenn critic over the last couple of years, I will admit he looked sharp against the Eskies. He reacted under pressure and rallied them for the tie. Now lets see some consistancy, and then Piggy and Papa can serve me up that Crow pie they've been wanting to serve! :wink: :wink:

The stars are aligning for him Sport. If he doesn't get the job done Thursday against the Als however, it's back to square one.

Actually Piggy, I think this is a very big Opportunity for the Bombers against Montreal. A win here (Especially with a big offensive output) Should silence the critics. (FYI I picked Winnipeg to beat the Als)

BTW I like fresh ground pepper with crow too! :wink: crow yet sporty......we've seen this kind of story before regarding's kind of a wait and see.....but something has been niggling in the back of mind.....hey this could be the time Kevin breaks out.....and IF it happens.... and OUR QB. has come of age.....this is very good for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.........goBigBlue


Well Glenn sure looked good to me, along with most of the rest of the Blue crew. Hey, Ricky Ray started out the game looking like a house on fire, it would have been so easy for a QB lacking a bit in confidence to be deflated right off the bat and give up, but to Glenn's credit he matched Ray step for step. If he keeps that up you are going to be one tough team to beat. Just lose that Fullbright fellow, he sort of stood out (and not in a positive way).