Post game thoughts - Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Special Teams - Banks was awesome, but credit to the rest of the guys and to Coach Reinebold. Those guys on the punt return team do an amazing job of not taking inadvertent penalties when Banks changes direction. They're like contortionists at times. Medlock was great yesterday and will do well in the dome. Great work by the cover team too.

  2. Defense - Another great outing by our D. So many 2 and outs!

  3. Collaros - Willpower and guts.


  1. Getting burned on the deep ball. I think though that comes with the territory when you're D is dominating on the line. But Montreal connected on more of those throws than they should have.

  2. Collaros not spreading the ball around. I saw Fantuz and Grant open a couple of times. Collaros seemed to only have eyes for Tasker. It may be that Fantuz is still hurt but I don't think we looked deep once of Grant or any of the wideouts (correct me if I'm wrong).

If we can get two returns for TDs at the Grey Cup we can guarantee a parade - but without those two TD's yesterday it would have gone down to the wire.

Only deep pass i can think off was the SJ td. And i think Breaux saw the penalty flag thown and let up thinking the play was to be called dead.

Thought the tackling was pretty bad on some plays. Some YAC was given up.

Tunnel vision with the Zack Attack focusing 75% of the time on Tasker and Banks what about Fantuz and Grant?

Defensive line didn't have a great game. Crompton had a lot of time whenever we rushed four guys.

The offensive line, on the other hand, had their best game of the year, IMO.

The only problem i saw was when they had motion in the backfield with #3 he got lost a couples times and was open we should prepare a little more for this

Re: Fantuz and no catches...

I can't recall the exact play, but on a run play to Andy's side he made two key blocks in the third level that turned an average run into a first down + run. He chipped the first defender so well that the guy couldn't recover to make the tackle and Andy immediately moved up field to a second defender and pushed him out of the play. TSN got great field level coverage of the play and if I can find a link to it I will provided it.

Even when he's not catching the ball he is contributing in a very meaningful way. Outstanding!

Yes we did get burnt long once...but except needing more pressure on their quarterback (too much time) the defense played pretty well....and as far as offense the release is way too slow for the passing game but he has his play-off training wheels off now and seem to be more comfortable in the second half...and don't worry the other receivers will be in the mix on Sunday...maybe Tasker will be the decoy...

When queried by the media, Austin did mention that Fantuz drew a lot of coverage throughout the game.

Yes, that was noticeable and quite impressive as seen on the reverse-angle TSN replay of a long Bank's end-around to the east side of the field.

Fantuz made one block then turned around and down field a few steps, made another block on another Al's player.

Really opened up a hole for Bank's to run thru.

It should be pointed out that the Defensive Unit, not the Special Teams Return Unit, was on the field for Speedy's 4th Quarter TD. Coach Reinebold made the call for the D to remain on the field for better coverage in case of a fake. So, Banks accomplished that one with likely fewer blocks than there would have been with the experienced Punt Return Team out there.

Plain and simple too little offensive production. If it weren't for our D & special teams in the past few weeks....we'd be out.
Hoping they can get the offensive house in order .....and fast. This is Calgary we are playing....not anyone from the East division.


Great to see a running game and 2 runs by Grigsby for TDs.
But, how could you not attempt any passes to Fantuz?
Hope we continue to stick with the running game, but Iā€™d like to see more screens to the RBs(Grigsby and Madu) and we need to spread the ball around to all our receivers.

It could be that Montreal devoted extra resources to shutting him down. If that's the case, then Andy was still contributing by opening things up for teammates.

My basis for this is the following passage posted to Scratching Post:

Austin said receiver Andy Fantuz should be fine for Sunday's title game and that his nagging hamstring ā€“ he was a game time decision ā€“ wasn't responsible for his zero catch performance.

"Some of it had to do with what Montreal were doing and we called a game that gave us an opportunity ro win," Austin said. "Sometimes it just works out that way."