Post game thoughts - Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Obviously the entire defense is a huge strength for the team. No weaknesses in a D that only allows one touchdown.
  2. The return game, and not just the returners but the blocking and the ability to minimize holding or block in the back calls.
  3. The receivers - all of them were solid except for a couple of miscues (SG and LT letting balls go through their hands) (Fantuz was unreal on Saturday.)


  1. Our punting is second rate. Both Toronto and BC had better kicking at THF. If I didn’t know what Medlock was capable of from past years I’d be looking for a new kicker. He has not re-captured his pre-NFL form.

  2. The O-Line is improving but I think is still not where it needs to be. Pass protection is improved but the running game is non-existent.

Overall, I think the strengths far out weigh the weaknesses but I’m interested to know what others think.

Medlock was kick high into the wind when he should have been driving the ball low on the far side of the field so it would bounce :x

Guelphcatsfan -tc23 You are both right on. Two issues that need to be fixed. If I may add a third issue, a receiver who can stretch the field with speed and with super hands.

What's wrong with Banks and Sinkfield?


Without being able to review the film, it's hard to say, but a couple notes.

Special teams return team needs to keep doing what they are doing, same with special teams defense.

Zach is completely right, he needs to get better. As awesome and fast as those drills that he threw were, it doesn't do a lot of good if they aren't being thrown accurately. Also, his accuracy seemed to hurt on the 30+ yard throws, but glad to seem him start pitching the ball into the 15-25 yard ranges more.

Medlock needs to see if there's a way to get just a little bit more power out of his punts. I know the wind played a huge factor this game, and was incredibly deceptive from field level, but the other teams punting didn't seem to struggle with it as much.

As a side note, I do wonder what Osbaldison would have to say about the wind at THF now that the stadium has changed alignment and the giant scoreboard and large patio is on the one end. Hamilton has always had weird wind due to it's proximity to the escarpment and to lake Ontario whose warming and cooling does strange things to the air. I'd be interested on what he had to say.

One big negative....stop trying to go up the middle...we have so many other talented plays....

Agree with most of this. I don’t like the second rate nonsense though. Money Medlock is just that, money! His ability to hit FGs more than makes up for what he can cannot do as a punter

Both Great !!

My post re Banks and Sinkfield was in reply to Wildcats post where he wanted super fast receivers with good hands.
It's kind of moot anyway, Zach's accuracy at that distance right now is not that good; maybe in the closed dome with no wind factor he will be better on the longer passes

Maybe it is the cooler weather but the Cats didn’t rotate the D line against BC. It didn’t seem to matter as the Lion run game was ineffective and Glenn had lots of pressure in his face. :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

From what I've seen, I can't fault Zack for much these last 5 games. If he's had accuracy troubles I would chalk it up to learning to be a starter at QB and he should be able to correct and move on.

However, a weakness to me is the lack of a running game. Madu looked great on the few early carries against a stout BC run defence. Then, the play calling went to 99% pass. Yes, there were a few shovel passes and sweeps but not a hard, power run. BC dropped into coverage and the Cats couldn't put up 6s. In October they should be perfecting the run because into November, they're going to need it.

You are right there wasnt a lot of rotation but Im thinking Gaydosh tweeked somethin he was on the sidelines riding the bike quite a bit.

Agreed fully. Especially regarding the run game.

Going back to Zach atack, maybe he can stop throwing wideside outs that end up in pick six’s. Whats that 3 now?

Yesterday afternoon I heard Rick Zamperin say that Medlock had been punting strategically as opposed to punting for distance. He was allowed to rip one on Saturday and it went for close to 60 yards.

Not sure why it's this way, but it seemed to make sense to Rick

Medlock punted 7 times for 235 yards for a 33.6 average. BC returned them for a total of 15 yards so the net average works out to 31.4.

Schmitt punted 9 times for a total of 367 yards and a 40.8 average. But Hamilton returned them for a total of 78 yards so the net average equals 32.1.

I do not know how many times each had the wind but Cats are not losing much on the punt exchange. Part of this is good special teams play but I believe some of this is Medlock punting strategically.

As I have posted before, IMO the Cats are doing well enough on the net punting that even an excellent International punter would probably not be worth the DI slot. And I don't think there are available National punters who would be be an upgrade on Medlock. And Medlock has been so good on the FG side (touch wood), there is an argument against messing with any part of his game.

Too many times they had a good drive down the field then stalled in the red zone. Gotta find a way to finish off the drive.