Post game talk. Disgraceful coaching

Wow. The Stafford for stamps trade looks about as lopsided as Ricky Ray for Steven Jyles. It's clear that stamps is finished.

Edmonton out coached the Als and Higgins was helpless. He had no answers. His in game ability is non existent.

Terrible performance

You have to wonder how the players. Not only are their coaches not helping them, they are contributing to their demise.

Higgins and schonert must be fired asap. They aren't professional level coaches.

Thorpe is worth keeping.

Sometimes you have to face the fact that you loss to a better team.

Edmonton has a very good and brutal defense.

They line-up and smack you right in the freakin' face.

Not a surprising outcome, the Als have the slowest receiving core in the league. There is no one with any speed. Vs a press man defence that spells disaster. Stamps Lewis and giguerre all struggled vs tall lean athletic db's.

Pop has to bring in better talent and coaching for Cato. Cato was hung out to dry tonight, they are a joke.

Higgins will say the players didn't execute and its on them.

Might as well because they are going nowhere.

It's time to regroup for sure, but on the positive side: a 3 point loss to what looks to be the most intimidating team in the league isn't all that bad. As a matter of fact, they went toe to toe with those guys. In my opinion, things didn't get out of until the officials started to get involved with all the ticky tac calls.


This is the 3rd year of joke coaching. Why Popp didn't do his homework after the Hawkins debacle? Instead we get Higgins who the game has passed by when there so many other candidates out there who could have done so much with the talent they were given. Its bad enough that Higgins cant think on his feet in crucial situations but this team has looked unprepared on multiple occasions in the past 2 years. They don't seem to scout out their opponents and their schemes are so simplistic they play right into a defence's hands.

Popp has never hired or fired a HC on this team. In this case in particular. Popp didn't even know the owner was hiring Higgins and HIggins chose Schonert and Reed.

Giguere struggles against most DBs.

His main (only?) attribute to the Alouettes is he speaks French.

Did you see 84 get chased down on that big catch?

That's a raw rookie right out of a Ontario college program. He shouldn't even be dressing. He was shellshocked and he froze. Happens with rookies.

Do you have to review Schonert's position?

Hepell :lol: " Your home seven first downs , five points, you think ?"


Is Higgins coaching or hanging out and chillin with his buddy kavis reed. When Higgins is on camera it's hard to find a time where Reed isn't jumping into Higgins lap?

What's the hell with these two? Thorpe or any other coach cannot access Higgins alone because Reed is acting like he is Higgins bodyguard?

Pop should talk to them and force them to stand on opposite sides of the bench.

They have a secret handshake deal. When Higgins is fired Kavis is going to hire him as his assistant :stuck_out_tongue:

Also can someone please explain to me this mystery? What is Eric deslauriers is doing on this team? It's clear he can't play in this league.
However it seems he will be on the active roster in 2025? Enough is enough with this guy.

Shoutout to Mitchell White. He played outstanding tonight.

Food for thought. The former Michigan State corner which produced 2 first round Nfl corners in two years looks like has solid technique out there.

Genius idea of the year? Higgins how about put Mitchell White at short side corner and move Heffney to wide side corner.
It's clear that White is the best young defensive back.

How Higgins doesn't know this is beyond me. Teams are targeting Heffney a lot, he is seeing a disproportionate amount of throws his way. Burris went after him and so did Nichols.

Why is he on the team? Please see my comment re. Giguere

It was not all that close. Shaw missed 3 FG’s !

Als Offense was brutal. A PeeWee coach could do better than the play calling of Shonert and Higgins.