Post Game Survey

Did anyone complete the post game survey sent out by the Ticat organization. I filled it out indicating that there was zero choice I would recommend going to the game to my friends and indicating that I will cancel my 4 season tickets if they can’t fix the team. I don’t care about a fun atmosphere, I want to see a team that can win games.


Cancelling Seasons Tickets is the ONLY recourse anyone has. No amount of asking for everyone to be fired or other nonsense will not effect how the club reacts to forum posts.

If the masses do not renew, that’ll send THE message.

I don’t believe for one second that the majority will cancel even if they don’t improve. Hasn’t happened since the threat of continuous bankruptcy back in the Ivor Wynn days.

We almost lost the team for good.

I’ll not cancel…I’m a glutton for punishment :grin:. After 47 years of ST…it would be hard to let go.


Well, I have season tickets for this year and Grey Cup tickets.
The only way for me to protest is to not spend any other money at the stadium. That won’t be hard considering it cost me $57.00 for 4 beers. Bought a case of 24 in the states on Saturday, paid duty and with the exchange was about $35.00. I know they charge more for everything because of the type of event/venue. But beer should not cost that much.
Just my thought.


I’ve been a ticat fan since 1950. So that probably makes me one of the longest living
fan on the site. I have decided to take a long walk along the beach front and enjoy a
order of fish & chips while the ticat game is on. It is alot less stressfull on me and also
enjoyable. Once the Cats can put together a string of wins I will return. But that looks
alike a while off.


I’ll still watch every second of my Ti-Cats but the enthusiasm has gone completely down.

Now the games are just a morbid curiosity. :crazy_face:


Why pay the duty? don’t tell them you have beer, they don’t care at all. I crossed last month and picked up the 30 pack of Canadian beer in the US for $21 or $27cdn.

But not spending money at the game makes sense. I seldom eat there because of the start/finish times. If a game starts at 7:30 pm I have already eaten, same with the afternoon games in the fall starting at 1PM or 2pm.
I don’t want to pay $12 for a beer in the stadium either.
We are going to the Argo/BC game next Monday and I will pay $5 beers at the Shipyards and the $5 draft in the stadium.

I disagree with that plan, although it has worked, for you.
It’s my belief that the most common issue, which can get Canadian Customs officers very interested in you is them catching you lying and I don’t want to ever lose my Nexus privileges.
When I haven’t been in the U.S. for the 24 hr. or 48 hr. required times, related to various duty-free purchases, my conversation with the Canada Customs officer goes like this:
Did you purchase anything while in the U.S.?
“Yes, I owe you something, because I bought (whatever), worth (so many Canadian dollars).”
The response, then, more often than not, is “You’re good to go.”
However, I’ve never tried that, having purchased an alcohol product during a U.S. visit of less than 48 hrs. I’d be surprised if it worked, in that situation.




Edmonton fans tend to disagree. The majority have cancelled. And not because of a name change.

“Trust the professionals. They know what theyre doing” seems so long ago now.


For you beer lovers.

I really don’t give a hoot about Edmonton fans. I was referring to Ticat season ticket holders only recourse is to cancel. Hasn’t happened en masse yet.
Posting diatribe about ownership, management, coaches, etc. has no effect on how a team operates. It’s all personal opinion that the posters want others to read. Entertainment at best. Disgusting at worst.


Attendance was definitely down last year. Edmonton was the model franchise and now can’t draw flies. Calgary’s attendance is struggling.
I wouldn’t be so sure that it can’t happen here. We’ve been fortunate to have competitive teams for the last decade, but if a full rebuild happens like Edmonton, you’ll see an even bigger decline. Many long time fans are very frustrated and as they age, at some point it’s just not worth it.

People are always going to post their opinions on message boards. I don’t think anyone posts here thinking the team is reading and will actually listen, we should respect everyone’s opinion no matter how disgusting it is as long as it doesn’t delve into personal territory. I’m not sure anyone disagrees that 99% of message board material is opinion and conjecture.

Let’s just respect and appreciate that everyone handles their frustration differently. There’s no manual on how to be upset that your favourite team stinks.


This will be my last year of season seats at least until the next time we host the cup. Not because the team stinks but because my teenage boys only seem to be able to make 1/2 the games now ( girlfriends, sports, other plans with friends, jobs).
Plus, next year I want to sit in different sections that I’ve never tried before, like behind the home bench for example.
In terms of the in game experience, I find the consessions move quickly enough and I only buy one $5 beer before the game.
I do find the constant music and promotions exhausting as its hard to actually talk about the game between plays.
It would only take a couple of 4-14 seasons in a row and we’d be back to crowds of 12-15,000. I’m sure the big bosses know this, and that was part of the reason to sign a proven star like BLM in a Grey Cup year, right or wrong.


If i look at the game as an evening of comedy I am mostly not disappointed.


First thing to fix this team like people have been begging for years is to fire Condell…is he related to Young or something…no idea why he was hired in the first place…and second…dump the zone defense unless blitzing…and stop calling high school plays.


There was a reason Bo Levi was on the bench out west…think about it…they were using 3rd string QB’s at times instead.

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How true. What a sad state of affairs.

My post was not to start a BLM debate.
My point was that the reason the team brought in BLM was an attempt to put a face to the franchise and excite the fan base. The casual fan doesn’t pay attention to all the details, they just know BLM as a big name future Hall of Fame quarterback.
The team is hoping that his calmness and leadership could help lead this team to a cup as well as sell a few more tickets, as engagement and ticket sales were down at least 10% last year and no-shows were actually starting to be a factor as well. An empty seat can’t buy an $11 beer , even if the seat has been sold.


I didn’t get the survey but wish I had. Ticats schedule stinks. I have season tickets but just ate them. My son and I decided that Friday night football in the rain to support a terrible team wasn’t the best option. I saved the $100 + that I would have spent on beer and watched baseball for most of the evening, flipping to the Ticat game occasionally. Great choice. I would have gone to an afternoon game - oh wait - there aren’t any.