Post Game Suggestions For Road Trip Fun!

Heading to the game Friday.
It's been awhile since in Montreal....
Any post game suggestions for bars, clubs or party bands after the game for the 40 something crowd Friday and Saturday.
Looking forward to the game!

Unforgettable! :rockin:

That's a bit niche...

My suggestion at this time of the year, especially if its nice is

Bistro a Jojo, a real friendly bar in the French Quarters with an amazing bar and friendly staff. Everyone I've ever sent there had a blast.
Two acts Friday

She's playing friday. She's very good

And Jim Zeller ! That Clip is a Bistro a Jojo

Here is the link

Ce qui veut dire? :roll:

Disons que c'est pas typiquement ce qu'une gang de gars sur un road trip recherche comme pit stop avant de retourner a l'hotel.

T'es déjà allé? Ça swigne en ta! Faut faire exprès pour pas avoir de fun là.

Yes, a friend of mine was a DJ there for years. Great place, I dance various styles of Salsa (LA, Cuban, NY) and Kompa but I don't think that's what these guys are looking for after a football game but its an option.

[i]This place in the Quartier Latin has about 40 different and great artisanal beers. They also make great gourmet hamburgers. You can sit on the terrace outside drinking great beer, and watch the lovely ladies walk by all evening. Johnny has been known to do that from time to time :smiley:

If you want something a little more adult themed, there is a gentleman's club right beside it.

Finally! Thanks Johnny!

[i]You're welcome! :smiley: If you sit on the terrace of the Saint-Bock, you can see the ladies of the gentlemen's club when they come out to smoke or get some air. Temptation, temptation... :smiley:

But Johnny still prefers to observe the "natural" Montreal women as they walk on St-Denis. There is a lot to love about Montreal :thup: :smiley: [/i]

Thanks for the suggestions, looks like some cool ideas.
Good luck tomorrow but not too good.
Oskee Wee Wee, if we don't win on the field, hopefully we'll win in the Clubs!!

Enjoy your evening, and let us know where you end up going! :smiley: