Post Game Report--

It was a great win for BC if nothing else there is no way that with this team we should ever lose or even be in a close game with MR. HENRY BURRIS at the quarterback controls. From my other post, making BURRIS into a drop back passer is virtually a sure win vs CALGARY--

I stated that I believed that HENRY BURRIS is the worst professional quarterback playing today, as he has accuracy issues and cannot read a defense at all..

Case in point ANTHONY PARKER was wide open in the middle of the field, when I mean wide open, there was no one within a 35 yard DIAMETER of him. I would estimate that out of 1000 Qb's that likely all 1000 qbs could make that throw to PARKER who was so wide open. BURRIS overthrew him by 15 yards, and it was game over after that overthrow.

I must give the LIONS credit they are addressing every problem on the team and making the adjustments--

FOSTER is being used more, this guy is the RANDY MOSS of the CFL- he is so fast, a long strider with good hands, he is a HANDS CATCHER--
GORE is being used on the short routes now because GORE cannot judge a deep ball and does not seem to judge the ball well deep- However GORE is very good on the short crossers and hooks--
BRUCE and SIMON solid as always--

HARRIS is a speedster, get ready for some 40 plus yard runs from this guy who might be the fastest running back in the CFL by a longshot--

LULAY's deep balls are on TARGET- Better footwork, more fluid release, better follow through, more confidence and his deep balls are on target now-- There is no reason why we should not attempt at least 3 to 4 deep shots per game with this crew--

Defense- MITCHELL is an animal- He is so big and smashes the pocket, SMITH is a long lean athlete also--

ONLY concern is Philips was beaten a few times, he looked like he was asleep, but other than that the secondary was solid--

LAROSE is quietly becoming one of the best safeties in this league- He takes good angles and goes in hard and uses his helmet to nail guys also--

NICK MOORE IMO is a dissapointment, he hasnt showed much , wait till KIERRE JOHNSON comes back, this crew will be almost impossible to stop with the former Houston cougar speedster in the lineup-- There is no secondary in this league that can cover the Lions receivers-- Even Montreal who had good receivers is not even in our league anymore in receiver depth.

Reddick is a perfect linebacker also as he can cover and is big and will hit you hard--

O LINE is getting better, give LULAY TIME and the receivers will get open every single play--

I like what I see from the team, we are young, fast, and we have the right mix now of young players and veterans also-

Next weeks game vs SASK will be a huge test, if we can win that game, we will be looking good for a home playoff game-

winner of the dumbest statement of the month award. :roll:

Hey Gridiron,
Kind of have to agree, with Footballyoubet.
Burris the Worst?
I would think......that each and every QB in our league, could carry that title, at any given time.
Just a couple of short games ago, Travis Lulay had the honor, of having the exact same things said, about him.
As you know, watching a game develop from your own cozy "Safe" Lazy Boy recliner, is just a little bit different, than actually seeing that same play, from Field level... with the Lions front 4 and some Linebackers in your face.
Yup........he missed a wide open many times has Lulay done the exact same thing.....just as recent as yesterdays game! lol
Burris the Worst?
No!........have to definitely disagree with you, on that statement.
They are at the TOP.....for some reason, and I am sure that Burris has a lot to do with that.
Everyone, and every going to Stink the place out, at some point, through out the season.
Speaking of not Showing Up to yesterdays game, and playing like Sh#T and being totally Invisible, from the snap of the Ball till the final whistle..... where the hell was Solomon Elimimian.......all day long???
I happen to be a BIG Fan of Linebackers and "Middle Linebackers" especially,......and during the games, my eyes are usually focused on just them.....and I am also a Big Fan of Elimimian,......but...... he just did not Show Up, at all......against Calgary.
Calgary... either did a really good job of keeping him my eyes......he really Stunk yesterday.
I was really hoping that we had found, yet another Cam Wake.....and I was sure, that Elimimian would be walking away with the CFLs Best Defensive Player of the year award.....but.......after yesterdays game, I am not to sure now.
In order to get to the next level ( The NFL), a player needs to be, Heads and Shoulders "Above" every other player on the field that day, and during each and every game.
Having an Off Game, is what separates a CFL player... from a Special Talented player, that the NFL is wanting on their team.
Solomon, was that Player.....up till, yesterdays game.
Being just an average player, is what the CFL, is all about.
I was really hoping for MORE.......from Solomon Elimimian.
One game, does not make or break a promising career....but.....if an average guy like me, can see his play slipping.... that speaks volumes, for what an NFL Scout sees and will be reporting back.
I wish nothing but the Best for Solomon Elimimian, but......he needs to be the "Best" Impact player on the field, if he is actually wanting to be, our next Cam Wake.
He was Invisible against Calgary yesterday.


I think you really called this game bang on. Your pre-game posting a few days before the game describing how to get at Burris was right on.

[i]"The key to winning this game will be on defense--- Every team that has beaten CALGARY has essentially beaten them the exact same way. You have to study CALGARY well and take the QB's initial looks away and force BURRIS into a thinking QB.

I have studied quarterbacks for years in CFL, College, NFl and can tell you that there is no worse THINKING QB in professional football than Henry Burris. This man just cannot read a ZONE DEFENSE."

I decided to watch much more carefully some of the things you referred to and I agree- force Burris into thinking and he starts to break down. That is exactly what was happening in the game against Calgary. I don't think Burris was having an off night. I think the Lions have figured out the Calgary O Line and Burris. Let's not forget the Lions were within a field goal of beating Calgary the first time they met earlier in the season.

Lulay was doing a lot more scrambling and giving himself that extra second or two. He must have read your posts. lol

I believe the Lions can beat Saskatchewan with the weapons they have at their disposal and I think they will do it handily. Toronto of all teams were able to stay in the game and almost pulled it off a few days ago. If Toronto can do it, the Lions certainly can. The Roughies have marque names in Getzlaf, Fantuz, and Dressler but I think the Lions at this point in the season are the much stronger team and will shut these guys down.

Look for Elimimian, Hunt and Mitchell to feast on watermelons next week!