Post Game report - vs Stamps

Ranek - you’re money and so was your oline blocking for you.

Joseph - finally showing some composure when passing those beaut’s to Yo. and Armstead. And when you ran man you were fun to watch.

D - you guys are on fire and are improving each week! Well done.

Couple comments: Woodcock… IF we aren’t going to use him then lets see if we can get somethign for him… It seems that Joseph just isn’t seeing him on the field… Weird.

Running plays: Sure Ranek has found his groove but there were 5-6 running plays where from a shotgun he got the ball and got stuffed… Why not use him with a pitch out … He’s got the wheels to run around … Stamps did it to us an scrored… We need that play in our books.

Passing plays: Much improved and way more consistent. We will need this kind of productivity vs Edmonton, Sask and Montreal in the coming weeks.

Kicking game: Kellet, missed a 32 yarder… That cannot happen. They can’t afford to leave pts on the field like that. Pat Flemming sealed the game a amazing 40+ yarder angled at the 4yrd line out of bounds… Perfect spiral. very nice.

Good game

Good points all around. I find with Ranek, that you can’t run him up the middle anymore. He’s got to run between the guards and tackles or outside the tackles to get any sort of yardage. But nonetheless, a great game by Ranek. It was nice to see him finally break a couple of big runs, it’s too bad he wasn’t able to punch one in for a TD, but he’s got my vote for player of the week.

Joseph was on the ball tonight, it seems that he is in the zone right now and that is bad news for the rest of the league. I know that if he continues like this, we will beat Edmonton on Thursday night. They didn’t look too good against Winnipeg the other night, and our defence is a heckuva lot better that the Bombers. And with Joseph rolling out of the pocket more and more, it will be a lot tougher for the Eskies D to defend.

What was with Armstead and the dropped balls yesterday. That one in the endzone, guess he lost his focus on that one. And there was that one where Howell wasn’t even looking at the QB, he was wide open in the endzone and at the last minute saw the ball, but a Calgary defender knocked it away. Oh well, i hope this dropped ball thing doesn’t happen as often, cause Armstead dropped a couple of easy ones last night. He’s also got to stop dancing around on the returns, pick up the ball and go, use the outside of the field.

What can you say about the defence, they were smothering last night. Although i would love to see them blitz a lot more, i think i only counted 2 blitzes last night, and when they did blitz, Boo-ris rushes this throws. I found that he had a lot of time to pass yesterday, we weren’t able to get the pressure we wanted, but overall, a good game by the defence, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BABY!!!

And finally, the attendance. I don’t care if it’s cottage country and it’s a Saturday, 16,000 is pathetic. The fans in Ottawa need to wake up because if this team leaves again, we will never see them here again. So all the “so-called” Renegades fans who aren’t going to the games, get off your a$$es and get out there, because for $25, that’s a heck of a deal for an entertaining game.

While I agree that a 32yd field goal shouldn’t be missed, how come you didn’t mention the TD that Armstead dropped in the end zone?

They made a good point on the post game show last night about how they should blackout games and i totally agree with it. Why pay to go see it when they can watch it on tv. The should blackout games and only lift it if there is say 25,000 tickets sold 2 hours prior to game time. They do this in the NFL and the CFL should seriously consider doing this.


Does anyone like the fact that they have moved the visitor’s bench back over to the south side?

The “Double-C-Mouth-Pieces� as I like to call our group, had a good time last night telling Copeland that he was nothing without Calvillo and Montreal… Did that ever piss him off during the game…

And then yelling to Burris that he needed to call Calvillo for some pointers.

I’d like to think that we are a tool that the Gades can use. We are six rows from the field and in yelling distance to the bench. When they switched the bench over to the north side the fans over there are quieter than a mouse fart.

I hope they keep it this way… I need to go to work gathering some trash talk for the Eskies…

Kellet’s missed FG yes … Armstead’s drop yes… Howell’s drop… yes points taken. All I will say is that those were lost opportunties and I’m sure they will be discussed within the team.

But the Gades won @ home and that’s what most matters.

The Edmonton game will be very interesting. I’m sure they are looking forward to showing Edmonton how good they really are. If they can entertain and even win this game then this team is for real and can push all teams in the east this year. The same goes if they loose but in a true close battle.

As for attendance and tv blackouts - i had not thought about that point. very true especially for evening games like last night…

The attendance for Edmonton must be 20+ if not, then I’m jumping on your bandwagon GADES - if the fans don’t support this team they are idiots.


great game last night. The Rens really slaughtered Calgary.