Post game report - vs Als

Here are my 2 cents on the game vs Mtl:

1st off - I said this on this board last week. Having the game on Canada day was not a smart idea. Just because the game is on a holliday does not guarantee a sell out. Ottawa in the summer is a vortex for cottage country. Having the game on July 1st was all about TV and not attendance. If that game had been on June 29th (wed) - there would have been 24k for sure.

And with regards to the game - the 1st half was tough if you're a fan of the Gades. On a good note seems that the Gades coaching staff figured out that to protect Joseph who has a young O line, you have to move the qb around and your have to move the pocket around too. The result was the offence was able to get the ball away and get a "BIT" of 1st down production in the 1st 1/2. Eventhough... the Als still managed to get some sacks at critical times.... Hence the result was a 20-10 lead for MTL.

The other wicked thing that was nice to see was that Joseph who is a fantastic scrambler.... Started to duck that ball and go for the sticks. This is something that was sooo needed in the Edmonton game.

2nd half. Coach Joe obviously made some good adjustments as the D seemed to bend but not break and this is critical to win vs a good team like MTL. It was nice to see that our D was able to break up Calvillo's rythm and actually get some pressure on him. (Although more is needed)

Once again, huge props have got to go to Josh Ranek. Hell of a great running back!!! He won us that game in the 4th quarter.

MM's random thoughts:

-Thank god Kellet can kick some field goals!!!
-Cheers to you Joseph for having some balls to put your head down and scramble... IT's your job to lead this team!! What you did showed your teamates that you are willing to do anything to win... (good message!)
-Ranek,,, you're money!
-Props to the Gades D for tightening up in hte 2nd half. You'll only get better with that kind of effort.
-Congrats to Coach Joe for some sort of inspired 1/2 time chat for lighting the fire under your teams ass.

Final Comments:

-Attendance will get better, a game on a national holiday is the reason why that game was not in the 20k for attendance.
-Winning will = better attendance...
-The red unis looked really good. Saw them from the South Side... I'm sure they looked good on TV.
-Message to the eastern div teams.... Don't underestimate the Gades. We'll beat you if you just sit on your ass in the 2nd half!!
-Ottawa can be dynamic with speed @ receiver position, a ballsy qb who can run with it and an in your face, run over you running back.
-Messge to the Ottawa Renegades... This is win 1, if you want many more, you will have to play 4 full quarters... You played only 2 (quarters 3-4) just like Mtl only played 2 (quarters 1-2).

That's all I got.
Nice job Gades! Do it again!

Good points all around MM, but as i’ve posted earlier, the 19,000 that were in attendance made the stadium look as if it was more full, not like last year when they played around with the attendance figures to say there was 22,000 in the stands. But let me say, the crowd that stuck around for the 4th qtr was as loud as i’ve ever heard that place…INSANE!!

Agreed that they must be able to play a full 60 minutes and not just 15, because let’s face it, they didn’t do anything really up until the 4th qtr. I was listening to the post game show on the Team 1200 last night, and one caller brought up a good point about Joseph. It looked like he was a little scared at the start of the game, just due to the fact that he got sacked 7 times last week and was probably worried about the same thing this week, but once he realized that he was getting the protection, he started to play like the Joseph that we all know. He’s a helluva athlete and QB, and hopefully this run can continue.

Mad props to the defence for stepping it up in the 2nd half. Defence wins championships, now i’m not saying that we’re there just yet, but give this group some time to gel, and hopefully they will play together for a couple of years, and then watch out, it’s the new version of the Capital Punishment.

Right 'Gades. Good points dude.

Another thing that impressed me was our recieving corps speed... Anybody notice how many pass interference were called on MTL in the 2nd half... That is a result of their D-backs getting beat by the Offences running patterns. Speed kills.

As for Josehp, I have to agree with you. I'm sure he was gun shy after the Edmonton game... He did some good scrambling yesterday... I still don't think he is 100% confident... I've seen him take the game into his own hands and that run for the td where he went down was such a clincher for the game...

Good times. IT's nice to win!

To think we all were saying that we'd be 0-3 after Ed, Mtl and BC...

I predict a tough game vs BC but then we play Calgary... 2-2 after 4 games... I'd be ok with that...

We need to play the eastern teams really tought this year... That's the solution if we want to make the playoffs...