Post game radio show.. too funny

I was listening to the post game call in show on the radio.. and I had a good laugh over a couple callers.

this one guy called in and said the Esks should get rid of Ray, Maas, the Coaches and start Zabransky!

:lol: :lol:

Like I think the last thing they need to do is release their top 2 QB's. and fire all the coaches.

Strasser maybe.. but Hall did a fine job with that team, considering the changes they made from the 2008 season.

these guys are hilarious who call in and make all these hilarious outrageous demands when they're clearly incompetent.

it's so funny.

Dan (the host) really knows how to handle them well.. I swear sometimes he's wanting to break out laughing..

Lets see I would extend Ray's contract , I would trade Maas (only cause I think he deserves to start somewhere ) give Zabransky a chance and Fire O and D coaches and Hall as well .

I’d fire both coordinators and give Hall maybe another 6-9 games next season. I’d keep Ray. Why turf an all-star? It’s not his fault the offence sucks. If this Zabransky turns out to be decent, I might consider trading Maas, and making Zabransky the back-up.