post game impressions

I agree Fleming looks solid and made some good catch's.

I'm just heartened that you continue to be a fan of my posts and read them faithfully...I was worried there for a few hours that you had given up on keeping track of what I :lol:

Go Maas!
Go Eakin!

And Go Ticats!

On the negative side of last night's game.The Argos should have had several long Tds in that many times the Argo receivers had the Cat's db's beaten on long patterns but the Qb's couldn't get the ball to them or the ball was dropped.Secondly,re Maas he takes too long getting his pass away.He misses the opportunity for a completion by doing so.

Great to see the Air Cadets back with the big flag, as well as the CWHM flyover !


Im an older air cadet that happens to be doing the flage. So many of the younger cadets I look after really enjoy it. Its a great thing for them. Some new recruits just did it for the first time last game, They talked about it the whole bus ride home.
When Im not at cadets, Im at my Army reserve unit training. I really enjoy cadets and all the things we do with it. Ive never missed a game or an event that we've done. Thanx for all the support the tiger cat and the tiger cat's fans give us. We really are thankful to live in such a caring place.