post game impressions

bobby brooks needs to start seems to have big play ability

jyrkine bradley continues to play well from last year a nice int i think wins a spot in db battle

best battle probably only keep 1 active and 1 reserve import receiver. quinnie cavil folwkes and gardner. impressed with gardner's size speed and since folkes did all the returns will prob be around to spot holmes.

holmes will be our mvp can't wait to see the rest of our 80% of offence and how we use corey

you keep morreale ralph and fleming in some capacity you do have enough roster space i believe

wierd call on allen's bootle/fumble n a preseason chance of injury


2 Down, 4 to Go :cowboy:

2 Down, 4 to Go :cowboy:

2 Down, 4 to Go :cowboy:

I had to leave the game early and didn't get to see much. Any impressions as to who might not be with us after tomorrow's cuts (no bashing please)

real tough a pretty solid effort
a couple times a few dbs got burned (atogwe kornegay and gordon i think)
cavil will be in tough
possible injuries to powell (ot) and lezi(fb)

i dont think ricky stays around the whole season
austin's offence not built for running the ball
plus no fullback=no happy ricky

Funny you should say that, I did have a chance to think about how thrilled the Blue team's owner should be with the money he's paying Ricky.

i'll just add to this thread by saying it was a real enjoyable night for football.....the weather was great, met up with some website friends, my kids had fun, the crowd was awesome.... and we won!.....

And, oh, I loved the change in the Tigervision with the score and other stuff on the bottom of the screen....and that was cool on the challenge where we got to see on the Tigervision what the referee was looking at on his screen under the curtain....

The overall refereeing seems improved also....

Thanks for a great night Ticats!

nite all,


Thanks for pointing this all out. That was informative, as I was unable to even listen to the game tonight. I'd like to read more stuff like this.

Anyway, now one really has to wonder how to answer this question: Who gets cut? And it did not seem to get a lot easier for that question to be answered.

Let it be said that Auggie slammed Williams into the backfield for a loss, early in the game

(The detractors said it couldn’t be done!)

Brooks, on the other hand, was an absolute standout and fully deserves being “kept”…

Was disappointed at not seeing Corey Holmes taking punts and kicks, I know that Fowlkes did well here, but unless we are prepared to make a last hour trade with Davis for an O-Line Saviour (because our line sort of stunk tonight)(my opinion only! hard to make the matchups, and the coaches tried literally everything in tonight’s game!)

But we do need to get the Line together better…

And Eakin needs to be talked with and advised about when and where to push a play, or attempt running on his own…just because Damon can do it doesn’t mean that Kevin can…

In my opinion...

Guys who may have been on the bubble who played well enough to earn a roster spot:

-Bradley (DB)(athletic, agressive ballhawk)
-Brooks (LB)(interception king)
-Marshall (LB) (awesme size; looks like Lawrence Taylor out there; would give us three run-stopping middle linebackers)
-Gardner (R) (smooth moves and very fast)

Guys who may have been on the bubble who didn't play well enough who will get the axe:

-Bearman (DB) (burned on Mayes' TD)
-Fowlkes (KR) (didn't do much on many K returns)
-I. Fleming (R) (a couple of drops)
-any D-Lineman other than the starters (or is it Reed's system? All I know is that with the exception of Cheatwood and Cotton and linebacker blitzes, the Argo QB's weren't pressured)

Guys on the bubble who showed enough to stick on the PR:
-Quinnie (R) (talented; will get into the lineup as soon as injuries deplete the R corps)

with the oline it's gonna take some time to gel and as the season goes along the chemistry will improve.
i think it's the one position in football you have to really have to play as a unit especially with all our new guys.
i think talent and size wise we'll be ok..eventually

What about the throw by MAAS in the second quarter. As he was falling backwards under pressure, about to be sacked, throws the ball and completes it.

Right on ,I was just about to mention that second or third effort as he was knocked backwards he had the strength and skill to throw the ball right to the reciever !
Wow! :thup:

Kevin Eakin also impressed with his arm strength throwing on a roll out!

Holmes as well was impressive,thought Richie Williams looked cool too.

Many more impressive players...

Next week will be the real test of where these 2 teams are at.

Remember folks, Damon Allen got nicked and he played only in one series last night.
When these teams play for keeps next week Damon Allen will be playing and the weather will not being a factor at the Roger's Centre,

Weather conditions were far from ideal last night. It got very windy and chilly as the night progressed. It really affected the passing game. Many Argo passes sailed out of the reach of open receivers in front of our secondary [LB's not dropping back in coverage enough] and our secondary would have been burned deep a few times by some passes that sailed over the heads of their receivers who had gotten free behind us. Uncharacteristically, their receivers also dropped many passes as well.

Both punters had difficulty punting into the wind. Both punters shanked punts. The wind affected their drops. Jamie missed a short field goals into the wind.

Kevin Eakin also impressed with his arm strength throwing on a roll out!
yeah, isn't he awesome?......I love how he does that!

And Jason Maas with that "falling back" throw for the reception blew me away!

I absolutely love this 'one-two' punch we have at QB this year.

Fun times ahead for us fans for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to players:......ease up on the 'body slamming' of each other after touchdowns!'re gonna hurt each other!.... :lol:

Correction for ticatssackattack.
Fleming had 3 catches , most of any receiver. Did not make “a couple of drops”
Missed one.
I watch closely, I’m a family member.
Let’s keep the fact straight.

What "one-two punch"??
Maas is NO.1 Eakin is the backup and you wont see Eakin playing unless Maas gets hurt or there is a blow-out.

Where did this fantasy of platooning or "tandems" come from?

Its reassuring Eakin can come in and hopefully will not be an instant letdown like so many backups in the recent past.